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  1. Optic

    Personal Conversations need Search and Labels

    Would be nice to see this. Funnily enough, IPS lets you search by simple keywords BUT you can't filter by username. So both platforms have their pros and cons in regards to Conversations.
  2. Optic

    XF 2.0 What does search actually search?

    Back in XF 1.5 days I used this addon: (Had a node for each TV title) Might be worth approaching author about a XF2 version.
  3. Optic

    Log in Problems with Cache Enabled

    @Wayne T1 you might want to consider using one of these to cache sessions and objects as XF2 has native support for these, Memcached and Redis are popular: But yeah definitely avoid full page caching (except for guests)
  4. Optic

    Log in Problems with Cache Enabled

    It sounds like you have set a flag to allow full page caching enabled everywhere. To my knowledge you can’t use the same full page cache with XenForo (or any forum platform really) as each member group will have different permissions (node permissions), as well as private areas such as...
  5. Optic

    XF 1.5 Style an image based on the read status of a node?

    Out of the box in the default theme template there are separate CSS classes for unread subforums, i.e. the sub-forums are in bold if they're unread. Maybe you can try to insert your images using those classes instead of the custom forum description.
  6. Optic

    XF 2.0 Can I run Wordpress and Xenforo 2 at a folder?

    Previously suggested but unfortunately currently flagged as Lack of Interest:
  7. Optic

    IPB - Your Thoughts?

    Hi @Zuse yes I converted from XF 1.5 to IPS 4.2 awhile back (link in my profile if you’re interested) mainly for the inbuilt Gallery, Clubs and Blogs. We relied too much on third party addons so when XF2 was released, well it was start from scratch.. But I know a lot more care is taken with XF...
  8. Optic

    Xenforo 2.x add more user info inside message

    You need to post in the support forum, we can’t help you outside the licensed area.
  9. Optic

    XF 1.5 [V1.5.20] - Link Proxy SEO Question

    You can try disavowing the backlinks but I personally don't feel it's worth the effort:
  10. Optic

    XF 1.5 How to change the image preview for posts on social media

    @KevRog , look for a setting in your style properties for "open graph" image.
  11. Optic

    XF 2.0 Can't vote on poll's - Oops! We ran into some problems. Please try again later. More error details may be in the browser console.

    @SuperMonis are you by any chance using Google AdSense? I've seen some cases where their asynchronous ad code in-lined in posts like that can break the XenForo AJAX overlays.
  12. Optic

    XF 2.0 Thread Tags - How to show and edit at top of thread

    @ElsmarMarc were you prompted to import content tags during the import? If you go to XF 2 Admin CP > Content > Tags, do your vB imported tags appear there? This topic may need to get moved to Importer bugs:
  13. Optic

    Mobile vs computer visitor percentage

    @rudiR you would do well to optimise for mobile to appease Google as they’re ranking pages more for mobile users. Mobile first indexing: Page Speed as a Ranking Factor for Mobile Results...
  14. Optic

    XF 1.5 How do I edit Discord embeds?

    @JonD04 have you set a board meta description yet? Admin CP > Settings > Options > Basic board information
  15. Optic

    XF 2.0 Moving From Root to Subdirectory

    Something must have changed on your server configuration. We can't even access static PHP files on your server, for example this URL on XenForo 2 should always work: On yours we still get a 500 error:
  16. Optic

    XF 2.0 Moving From Root to Subdirectory

    To restore .htaccess for XenForo you can rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess And this looks like the default .htaccess for WordPress you can try re-creating: You'll...
  17. Optic

    XF 2.0 Moving From Root to Subdirectory

    @KensonPlays - XF and WordPress will each have their own .htaccess files to deal with friendly URLs, did you move them both to their new locations? Also WordPress has its own process when moving locations:
  18. Optic

    XF 1.5 Google Chrome error

    Hi @KevRog if you're going to update you may as well go all the way to the latest XF 1.5.21 Add-ons should be fine, but if you're using a 3rd party theme you'll definitely need to update your styles from the author (most authors will update their styles shortly after XenForo releases a new...
  19. Optic

    XF 1.5 Google Chrome error

    @KevRog which version of XF you running? This should’ve been fixed back in 1.5.14
  20. Optic

    SEO : indexed pages changed from 80 000 to 80 in a month

    Now that you've added the HTTPs version to Search Console, you should add your sitemap to Search Console: That should help, if there are any issues Google will provide more feedback on its next crawl..