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  1. Nix

    Still love this :)

    Still love this :)
  2. Nix

    12 weeks to Xmas!!

    12 weeks to Xmas!!
  3. Nix

    Getting a new tattoo tomorrow :)

    Getting a new tattoo tomorrow :)
  4. Nix

    Summer holidays - the joys of no school runs :)

    Summer holidays - the joys of no school runs :)
  5. Nix

    Food Fantasia

    Whenever I enter this thread it always makes me hungry for food thats not in my kitchen!
  6. Nix

    What's your Favorite Book

    Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice I love my vampire books and this is one of the best as it's fast paced and has gore, sex and of course vampires! Next would be Memnock the Devil by Anne Rice (again I know) I love this book as it challenges your idea of heaven and hell and everything in...
  7. Nix First 100 Members Role Call

    no.8 :)
  8. Nix

    Moods Buuf, english version ?

    I would be interested in them in English please :)
  9. Nix

    Looking for a marketplace? Go to Xenfans :)

    Looking for a marketplace? Go to Xenfans :)
  10. Nix

    Happy birthday Floris

    Happy Birthday :)
  11. Nix

    Happy New Year Xenforo!!!

    Happy New Year :D
  12. Nix

    New years resolution for 2011?

    Continue to not smoke. Start a serious exercise plan. Learn more about myself.
  13. Nix

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas
  14. Nix

    Happy Birthday Mike!

    Happy Birthday Mike :)
  15. Nix

    What's your tipple?

    Yup mainly cause it is cheap and easy to drink unlike my preferred selection listed which is far from cheap.
  16. Nix

    Less than a week to go....

    Yup. everything has been done :)
  17. Nix

    What's your tipple?

    If I could afford it every day it would be one of these... Bollinger Vintage Krug Vintage Grand Cru St Emilion Chassagne Montrachet or Puligny Montrachet However my pocket tells me its WKD Blue or Baileys LOL.
  18. Nix

    Quit smoking

    Started at 17, trying to quit this year, (quit for 3 years once before) so 17 years of smoking against me. Currently not smoking and have been smoke free for about 6 1/2 weeks:)
  19. Nix

    Winnie The Pooh + Dry Humour

    Haha nice one too funny :D
  20. Nix

    Making love to beta 5

    I'm sure you can find a better way of saying how happy you are with it. :)