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    Lack of interest Configure the Viewport

    Not sure but whenever we run speed test, we get "Configure the Viewport" recommendation. Can this be implement?
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    Lack of interest Legible font sizes

    Not sure but whenever we run speed test, we get "Use legible font sizes" recommendation. Can this be implement?
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    Lack of interest Modal media loading

    Once we click the image, its should open image via modal instead of new page.
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    Duplicate Users Viewed, Viewing Thread option

    Hello, Showing a list of users that viewed the thread/post & active users in every thread/post at the bottom of a post, should be implemented as a default option. Well there's a add-on for that, but it should be implemented as default from xenforo.
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    Lack of interest Liked Posts on Sidebar

    We need to have a sidebar widget to show the liked posts.
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    Media Gallery as main home page

    Hi, Can we setup media gallery as our home page, since forums are already installed in different directory as Can we setup media gallery as home page, without any re-directions?
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    Implemented Instead of caption tab, message should display under the image.

    Instead of caption tab, caption messages should display under the uploaded image without a separate tab as caption.
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    Lack of interest On media page, Description of 300 characters below Title

    On the main media page showing all the images, it should have below details: Below the title of image, we should have option to display description of some 300 characters. So that it will be useful for users to read the partial details of the image before clicking it. And should have "Read...
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    Duplicate Infinite Scroll

    Should have a Infinite scroll option instead of pagination below for media. We should have something like Auto infinite scroll and manual one something like "Load More Pics"
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    Lack of interest Automatically choose user avatar for Facebook Open Graph Logo

    Instead of default logo for "Facebook Open Graph Logo", user avatar should be automatically taken for new posts/likes.
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    Duplicate Inbuilt #hash tagging

    It would be great to have an inbuilt hash tag, instead of using the third party addon. Example: #xenforo #forum
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    Lack of interest Modal option to display posts

    We should have a modal window option to display a posts. It would be more interactive to users to use modal window rather than a normal viewing.
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    Lack of interest Home Page Portal

    Inbuilt home page portal would be a great addon, we can disable the thirdparty addons. Home page portal having an options to display all the updates, like top posters, users online, new posts, threads etc...
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    Duplicate User Group Clone Option

    Need a User Group Clone Option, since i need to clone the Registered users group and do some small modifications for new user group. But without clone option it would be difficult to set the permissions. Since I need exact permissions of Registered Users to create new user group.
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    XML Sitemap not found

    Seems to be not compatible with sitemap. I had my website test on and I got error stating no XML sitemap found. Even though its enabled from admin level. Please can u fix this error and make a standard XML file generated. Below is the error: Your website does not have an XML...