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  1. Gatses

    As designed Time Zone

    Hello. (UTC+02:00) Eastern European Time - if you select the time zone, in fact, it turns UTC +3, instead UTC +2 :)
  2. Gatses

    Not a bug Problem with spam-filter

    Hello. We found a spam-filter problem When you add spam-phrase WEWE79, then it founds all messages with the phrase. But if the phrase looks like WeWe79, spam-filter founds nothing. Is it okay? Thanks.
  3. Gatses

    Lack of interest Viewing category

    Hello! Now if you browse a category, on the profile page says "was last seen: Viewing category". It would be good to do so as of now it works with sections and themes, "was last seen: Viewing category "category title"". :)
  4. Gatses

    Duplicate Daily Statistics

    Hello! There is a problem. If statistics goes under the overlay of information, then no data is displayed. Put the mouse on the graph:
  5. Gatses

    Lack of interest Email Users

    Hello! It would be nice to add a criterion for choosing a language when sending emails in the admin panel. :) For example, if 2 languages on the forum, and newsletter need to do to users with a specific language.
  6. Gatses

    XF 1.4 Go to First Unread

    Hello! Please tell, now from the main page if you click on the topic - you will be redirected to the last message. Is it possible to do to be sent to the first unread message? Thanks. :)
  7. Gatses

    Lack of interest Period redirect threads

    Hello! Now if you make a temporary redirection - after all it is impossible to understand how much was left the redirect. For example if moderator have redirected the topic - you will not be able to understand how much. It would be cool to have this record. :)
  8. Gatses

    XF 1.4 Limit the size of images

    Hello! Please tell, I read FAQ and I found what he was looking for. But I have some questions, please help. How to limit the size of the image in the signature of a particular group? For example, only users. As this same picture limit in the profile? In the message it is squeezed to the...
  9. Gatses

    XF 1.4 Admin Log

    Hello! Please tell, is it possible to grant access to the "Admin Log" not giving rights super-administrator? For example, if I want to give access to logs, but I don't want to have the right to appoint administrators. Thanks. :)
  10. Gatses

    Fixed New window

    Hello. If you click the mouse wheel on the avatars - opens in a new tab, and if you open the avatar usual by pressing the left mouse button, and then the wheel will open in the same window. Thus it must be? :)
  11. Gatses

    Alert history

    Hello! Please tell, is it possible to include a history of violations, as it was on vbulletin? Upon issuing the violation creates a topic on which you can follow the work of the moderators. Thanks. :)
  12. Gatses

    XF 1.4 Social network

    Hello! Please tell, operation of social networks requires network access from the server where forum is installed to these social networks' sites. Access to the server is closed, but there is a proxy on the server. How can we set up the work of social networks through a proxy?
  13. Gatses

    Fixed The problem with Warning

    Hello. I have a forum installed 2 languages (English and Russian). Selected Russian language, press "Warn" message. Interface warning change the language to English. Click "Warn member" and there is a notice: :)
  14. Gatses

    XF 1.4 Banner user

    Hello! Tell please, is it possible to make a banner with your own text to different users?
  15. Gatses

    As designed Incomplete attachment name.

    Not until the end of the seen name of the attachment. Example -
  16. Gatses

    Fixed "Permalink" In Opera

    In the browser Opera 11.51 does not work "Permalink".