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  1. HannahKang

    Facebook go live feature in xenforo?

    Does anyone know of a way to have a facebook go live style feature in xenforo eiyher through a plug in or intergrating i to posts?
  2. HannahKang

    XF 1.5 removing sidebar settings from user account e.g. contact details

    I need to remove certain settings from the user account page because We will be linking accounts. How would I disable or hide selections like contact details or two step verification?
  3. HannahKang

    XF 1.5 Change Xenforo Icon in mobile on android

    not the fav icon but the avatar in the top bar next to the adressbar that says xenforo on mobile I cant seem to find it the small blue xenforo ico or avatar
  4. HannahKang

    XF 1.5 help with spacing or padding?

    Was wondering if anyone could help me find where to change the spacing between the forum list and header it's waisting a lot of space but not sure where to find the setting to adjust. any help is appreciated
  5. HannahKang

    MG 1.1 How to hide recent submissions from default Gallery

    I want to enable a submissions category where users can upload images and see the recent uploads while in that category. but I want to prevent those recent submissions from showing in the default Gallery page that shows all category images is there a setting or a add on to help with this?
  6. HannahKang

    MG 1.1 Xen gallery server error

    I keep getting a Xen gallery Server error but am not sure if it is caused by the gallery is there someway to find out or get helpo with this?
  7. HannahKang

    MG 1.1 Xengallery random not working ?

    I have my blocks set to random but they never refresh and always display most recent is there another selection I am missing ?
  8. HannahKang

    XF 1.5 How to hide bacground container

    Is it possible to hide the background container so only the text is visible like the lower half of this image?
  9. HannahKang

    XF 1.5 Help with Rss Feeds from xenforo to other sites

    I'm trying to set up delivr like twittered but have never used rss feeds before is there a tutorial on the site to set up feeding my forum post to other sites? I checked the manual and only found info on feeder
  10. HannahKang

    XF 1.5 Hide wrapper or image carousel container

    Looking for help finding a tutorial on hidding the wrapper? or image carousel conatiner so the images look flat on the site without lines around them. attached image
  11. HannahKang

    MG 1.1 Change media gallery image aspect ratio from 1X1 to 1X2 ?

    Is it possible to change the image aspect ratio of from square to verticle rectangular or horizontal without distorting the image ?
  12. HannahKang

    XF 1.5 hide forum view title bar and text?

    Where can I find the forum view title bar and text to hide in the forum view? there was a lin here to show how to find using inspect in google but I lost the link that way i can stop asking pesky questions as a noob to all this my forum title ends up covering my banner and id prefer to just...
  13. HannahKang

    XF 1.5 tutorial on merging outadated templates

    having trouble with outdated templates found one explanation here but was wondering if there is a better more in depth tutorial for a beginner on how to handle yellow and green areas of code and merge etc
  14. HannahKang

    MG 1.1 how to get rid of rounded corners on media gallery

    Can someone help with getting rid of the rounded corners on the gallery image windows please ?
  15. HannahKang

    MG 1.1 help centering media gallery blocks

    I'm having trouble getting media gallery blocks to center I changed margin left and right to 0.1% to decrease the padding but its shifting the blocks to the left and creating a gap on the right
  16. HannahKang

    XF 1.5 change owl image carousel navigation arrows

    I cant seem to change the owl image carosel navigation arrows I have re uploaded the .png and uploaded to the styles folder but nothing I do seems to change them? Im just trying to scale them down and get rid of the color behind the arrow. any help is appreciated. Image attached
  17. HannahKang

    XF 1.5 error on web page tab and linked post

    I keep getting an error on my web page tab where it list the site name saying error/site name
  18. HannahKang

    XF 1.5 selected threads highlight color location

    I'vee went through every setting I can find to change the color of the selected threads and cannot locate where to change the red highlight here can anyone point me in the right direction?
  19. HannahKang

    RM 1.2 Change Resource Manager Nav Tab Title

    Trying to change the title for the resource manager tab if anyone can help
  20. HannahKang

    XF 1.5 extra css to hide thread author and post time after upgrade

    installed 1.5.9 and had to re install my clean and simple thread plug in but lost the Extra>css to hide post author and time is this a xen foro feature or plug in or can i just use extra css again?