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    Took me 6 Years... But

    I finally went ahead and purchased my first Xenforo License. Registered this account back in July 2010, around the time Xenforo was officially released, but didn't bite the bullet until today! Looking forward to using the software and the release of XF 2.0!
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    New Thread

    This may have been posted before, and apologies if it was, but I find it sort of annoying how when you create a new thread, the text box is small, is in the middle of the screen, and how there is a lot of white spaces on both sides. Not sure if you guys are going to keep this or planning on...
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    Hey guys!

    Hey everybody, the names Spyda. I currently own 2 VB licenses and 3 IPB licenses. I recently came to the forums when a friend of mine linked me here. One of the prime reasons for registering was because I noticed Kier was a developer here and I was a big fan of his when he developed for...