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    Cannot reproduce Certain HTML unicode entities (&#...;) truncate posts on VB3 import

    VB3 has a habit of storing characters not in it's character set as &#number; in the database (at least without UTF8 rolled out everywhere, which is a huge problem on existing data because php serialization abuse, and maybe depending on other configuration too). Problem is, certain chars in this...
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    Lack of interest Semi-bug: Link shortening and printing

    Hello, no, I'm not asking for a printing-version-feature, because with some CSS media queries, printing threads works well. Except for one thing (Problem first, idea for simple solution then)...
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    XF 1.5 BBCode rendering: Configure noFollowDefault, shortenUrl, imgToSmilie?

    Hello, this is probably a very stupid question, sorry. When using custom BBCodes with callbacks (or more generally, in the whole BBCode rendering process), among the passed parameter values there are following three booleans: noFollowDefault: Links get a rel=nofollow shortenUrl: Shorten long...
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    Duplicate Poll creation permission

    As the title says, it would be nice to prevent user groups from creating polls...
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    Lack of interest Custom BBTags: Another placeholder

    Currently, there are {option} and {text} aaa {text}: aaa {option}: (empty) aaa {text}: aaa {option}: bbb I suggest adding a third placeholder that has the option value "if" an option is given, else the text value aaa {text}: aaa {option}: (empty) {optionortext}: aaa aaa {text}: aaa...
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    Not a bug Admin user edit form+log strangeness

    Hello, Three related bugs (?) here. I don't know the exact conditions when it happens, I have only examples. a) Situation: Admin changes User groups (Secondary) of another user in the ACP. Problem: In some cases, the settings who can make conversations with this user, and/or profile posts at...
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    Daily Thread Actions

    sheel submitted a new resource: Daily Thread Actions - Do stuff to threads, eg. closing based on age, moving based on OP group, and many more Read more about this resource...
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    Mark threads as solved (prefix and optional banners)

    sheel submitted a new resource: Mark threads as solved (prefix and optional banners) - Mark threads as solved/unsolved, with own permissions; and solved/abandoned banners Read more about this resource...
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    XF 1.4 DB table where basic configuration like forum url is

    Hello, like the title says, could someone please tell me in what database table these options are stored? More precisely, the forum name, forum url, and the elasticsearch index name if it is somewhere else. I know it can be changed in the admin cp, but I need the table. Thanks