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  1. trizz

    XF 1.5 Close / Lock own thread?

    Is there a way to enable users to close their own threads? If not, any suggestions on add-ons that permit this?
  2. trizz

    Other Need a quick SQL query for xF!

    Hey guys - Need a quick SQL query to find out the top 10 users with most posts between two given dates - Feb 1 2017 and Feb 7 2017. Can anyone help me? Willing to compensate!
  3. trizz

    XF 1.5 How to find users with most posts between two dates?

    Does anyone have an easy method to find out which user(s) in a particular user group made the most posts between two given dates?
  4. trizz

    Sql query to enable Count messages posted in this forum toward user total on all forums?

    Does anyone know if there is a simple sql query I can use to enable Count messages posted in this forum toward user total versus going thru 200 forums and enabling manually?
  5. trizz

    One BIG Server or Multiple Servers?

    Doing some hardware migrations relatively soon, and am looking at either deploying one BIG box (multiple SSDs, 128g/memory, 2xE5 CPUs) to host both web+DB or multiple smaller servers (32gig memory, single E5v3 CPU, SSD) to host web and DB independently. Should I go with one big honking box...
  6. trizz

    Centmin Mod Tuning Guide for xF?

    Has anyone written a guide to tuning performance of a Centmin Mod install specific to the requirements of a host dedicated to running a single xF install?
  7. trizz

    $$PAID$$ Customization Request - Add code to profile tab to show posts in node

    Simple customization request! Ive installed and need a tab that shows the users posts from a certain node on the forum. Please PM with price! Thx!
  8. trizz

    XF 1.4 Add tab to profile showing posts from specific Node?

    Does anyone know a simple method to add an additional tab to a users profile highlighting their posts from a specific node?
  9. trizz

    Best examples of a "trading area"?

    Has anyone seen any noteworthy implementations of a trading area on a xenForo forum? Looking for something where person A can post they have an item, someone can voice interest and it ties the two users together unless one of the users decides they arent interested in a trade, and then...
  10. trizz

    PHP 5.7 should scream!

    Check this out -
  11. trizz

    Add-on $$ Looking for add-on to support BlockScore

    Blockscore is a nifty startup for doing ID verification of people online. Check out for more info. Looking for a developer to code an add-on to support BlockScore, , and...
  12. trizz

    Add-on [PAID $$$] Need plugin to provide Paypal recurring sub continuity after migration to xF

    Looking for a talented developer to build a plugin to help ease the pain of big boards looking to migrate to xF with recurring subscriptions via Paypal. See for a bit more color. Basically, need something that will...
  13. trizz

    XF 1.2 Hide/Restrict Multiple Nodes Easily?

    Is there a method to hide/restrict access or even mark as private 100+ nodes in the node tree easily? Or am I stuck with a click+submit party all day long?
  14. trizz Landing Page?

    Quick question for the mods/admins - Is the landing page at a static landing page or something defined inside this xF install?
  15. trizz

    Forum Acquisitions? Any typical EBITDA multiples?

    For those that have been involved on the buy or sell side of a forum acquisition, what sort of multiples were you typically seeing? Has anyone dealth with Internet Brands or Vertical Scope on an acquisition? What method(s) do they use to define a valuation for a property?
  16. trizz

    Hosted ElasticSearch?

    Is anyone running Enhanced Search on xF with a hosted ElasticSearch offering like or ? Any issues with getting this running? Does it return info just as quick as locally configured ES?
  17. trizz

    XF 1.2 Temporary test site for users?

    Before I fully migrate from vB over to xF, Id like to make an early release/test setup available to my users to let them play with xF in advance. Whats the best method to create this sort of environment, yet blow away all posts every 24 hrs? Is it as simple as dropping a table of posts, PMs...
  18. trizz

    vB subscription importer?

    Does this type of addon exist? This would seal the deal for the big boards that leverage subscriptions to move over to xF. Does anyone with deep knowledge of the subscription process on vB know if this would even be possible? Id prefer not wacking a bunch of subs in my quest to migrate to xF...
  19. trizz

    Payment Processor Add-ons?

    Anyone aware of any solid resources that add additional payment processors outside of the default Paypal selection? Looking for Amazon Payments and/or 2CheckOut support (and maybe Stripe?)
  20. trizz

    Lets talk cache configuration...

    Ive started benchmarking my xF install and have noticed an interesting issue. Without any caching configured, load testing my xF install shows 750 requests/sec. When I enable front end caching as described here - - my performance drops to 305 requests/second...