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    XF 1.2 Index / Entrypage

    and home too?
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    XF 1.2 Index / Entrypage

    I want to have a entry page (disclaimer) when somebody enters Forumhome should be availabe under Can i do this with xenforo?
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    "Auto Welcome" Message for new members? is still working for normal registrations
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    Style Bootstrap Style

    I'm interessted in bootstrap too. I want to have it with this bootstrap theme
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    For what is the trimLeadingLinesAfter option in the bbcodeparser?

    I can't see any difference when using none, or if i set it to 1,10 or 100
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    New features of

    Is this simpleportal?
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    I'd like to run some php code after a member registers

    It's still overwriting it if it's not a insert;) Your code won't call the parent method if it's not a insert the parent call needs to be outside of the if condition.
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    I'd like to run some php code after a member registers

    That's what i mean. All my isInsert texts on are changed
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    I'd like to run some php code after a member registers

    is xenforo changing the code automatic? isInsert gets always isesert
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    I'd like to run some php code after a member registers

    if ($this->isesert() && $this->isChanged('user_id')) needs to be if ($this->isInsert()){ } 2. what do you want to achieve with your addon?
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    XF 1.1 Thread display order?

    or here
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    Add-on Simple Portal

    It seems like there's a stylevar for this
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    I will lost all my template changes when i update xenforo?

    You will lose ALL admin- & email template changes! There's no notice, there's no warning, it just happens while the upgrade!:(
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    How do you deal with very long threads?

    We had ~20 Chit Chat threads which were very popular and which were seperated via an addon automatic after 5000 replies. If somebody posted the 5000. reply, the plugin closed the thread, createad a new thread with a link to the old one, took the last 5 posts from the old thread and moved them...
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    Question about the page view ($this->_view) in the Bb Codes Formatter class

    No, the needed templates doesn't exist as admin templates (e.g. quote,bb_code_XXXX) It's also commented in XenForo_ViewAdmin_Feed_Preview // don't pass a view to this, because the templates don't exist in the admin $bbCodeParser = new...
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    Fixed php 5.4 bug

    There's a typo in florens code <input type="button" name="thumb" value="{xen:phrase thumbnail}" class="button smallButton Attachmentserter" /> <input type="button" name="image" value="{xen:phrase full_image}" class="button...
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    Add-on Microsupport

    thx very much i appreciate this
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    Add-on Microsupport

    thx this fixed the images, but the input area is still not right My iframe is only 37 px height:( It's strange that nobody who i asked can confirm this bug