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  1. Cryptaline

    XF 1.5 xf_(admin/phrase)templates + xf_(admin/phrase)templates_compiled = 30mb size?

    Started my new forum a few days ago. Today I ve checked mysql tables and found that my xf_(admin/phrase)templates + xf_(admin/phrase)templates_compiled in total have a 30mb size. Just these 6 templates. Is it normal? Quite huge size...
  2. Cryptaline

    XF 1.5 Changing language without xftoken

    Greetings, Is it possible to change language without xftoken? Eg: I have 2 languages - en + ru. And I have a custom switcher with link to the language which looks like...
  3. Cryptaline

    XF 1.2 QuickSearch, input[type=search] icon location?

    Where is this sneaky icon is? I ve a hard time on trying to find it.
  4. Cryptaline

    [Question] Set Background styler to workd with Cookies

    Greetings, (Sorry if the article already exists, share the link pls) Since I'm not that familar with cookies I ve a few questions: Is it good to implement jquerry cookies plugin or I can use built in by XenForo plugin for Cookies? I want to setup a very basic background styler which will...
  5. Cryptaline

    Thread Prefixes, Issue with saving CSS changes.

    Is it normal that when I'm changing CSS for thread prefixes in (thread_prefixes.css) e.g: .prefix { @property "titlePrefix"; background: transparent url('@imagePath/xenforo/gradients/form-button-white-25px.png') repeat-x top; padding: 0px 6px; margin: -1px 0; border: 1px solid transparent...
  6. Cryptaline

    Add-on [Custom Budget] Multiple thread prefixes

    Very old "issue" for the XenForo community. Alot of people want more then a one thread prefix. So do I. Would be very nice if some one will make this possible. Features list: We need "Add 1 more prefix" button. Support for more then a one prefix in a row. Better 2 make it endless. "Add 1...
  7. Cryptaline

    Add-on [Custom Budget] Multiple thread prefixes

    I ve reposted the request here Delete this topic if possible.
  8. Cryptaline

    XenForo - "input button" changing style.

    Have not found any topic with the description of "what is the best way to do it using xenforo". Will be glad to hear anything about it :coffee: New skin for the buttons: Default buttons:
  9. Cryptaline

    XenForo - Adding custom background button for any post (in a post editor for any user)

    Greetings, I have a few questions about Custom background for any post from any user. Adding custom button (icon) in to a post editor. Setting rules for the background image: should hover a whole post background but always be behind post text/images and other insert codes. E.G: you have a...
  10. Cryptaline

    XF 1.1 XenForo Q/A (Captcha Question Field - "250 characters or fewer") How to extend?

    Hi! Guys how to extend this Captcha Question Field limit? From 250 to 1000 or even more. Probably I ve found very easy solution 2 block all spammers. However, this limit wont let to implement it/test it. Will apreciate any idea :coffee: Thank you!
  11. Cryptaline

    Implemented "Latest Registered Members" - 100% Proffit

    It's a very nice feature in my opinion. Wont take long 2 add it in to XenForo + alot of ppl will apreciate it. One of the pluses - when your forums r overrun by spammers, you can manualy control it if you want. No need 2 install any addon etc. Should be placed within the Admin Control Panel in...
  12. Cryptaline

    Duplicate "Latest Registered Members" - 100% Proffit

    Ve moved this topic 2 here:
  13. Cryptaline

    XenForo & Embed media settings.

    Hi guys, I'm jsut curious where is placed css which will give me the chance 2 edit/add my own bgs/layers etc for embed media inputs, such as YouTube etc. E.g: When I do any input (youtube for example) i got an embded video, however it's not enough. Need 2 add a custom background for these...
  14. Cryptaline

    XenForo - different backgrounds for different forum nodes.

    I don't have a chance to try it right now on my own. So wonder to know, guys ve you tried to add a dif bg (image/color) to a dif forum node. E.g, i have 10 diff forum categories on my main page. I want to add a dif bg for each of these categories so it will make more easy for ppl to...
  15. Cryptaline

    XenForo Custom Node Icons (minifing the image pass)

    Just curious, whats the proper way to link the image within xenforo, e.g from this folder: :coffee: Is it { background-image: url(' /myxenforoforums/data/avatars/s/0/491.jpg ');} ?
  16. Cryptaline

    Add-on XenForo News Feed (adding recent activity to a different place)

    o/ Everyone :coffee: A brief description: On each page refresh for a page_container Recent activity is hidden. It doesnt matter how you play with your templates inside of the container, e.g: it will be hiden until So thats what i need, a simple listener for the container_public_params to...
  17. Cryptaline

    XenForo News Feed (adding recent activity to a different place)

    On each page refresh Recent activity is hidden (first screen) I want to dispay it always. (second screen) Question is, which template I'm missing. Right now I'm using templates from news_feed_page_global: and it looks like this (right-top corner): and thats how i want to display it:
  18. Cryptaline

    XenForo "Create Thread" (Thread Title color)

    Can not find already existed property to change the color of the thread title tip. Will apreciate any help :coffee:
  19. Cryptaline

    XenForo Cleaning MySql (xf_data_registry,xf_template_compiled,xf_admin_log)

    Was playing with my custom integrated MySql Database in to XenForo MySql Database and have found that some of xf_(tables) are extra large. I remember a whole size of my Mysql (about 3MBs few weeks ago) Now its about 9MBs. Probably need to clean some logs etc. So the question is: Is it possible...
  20. Cryptaline

    XenForo atached images for guests & users?

    Which template need to edit to cancel block fro guests on atached files & images.