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  1. kyrgyz

    A/C question

    This might seem as a stupid question, but let me tell you you'd amazed at deep frictions it creates in a family. Leaving air conditining temperature at 72 degrees all the time or dialing up the termostat to 80 when not at home and down to 72 when back home? To me leaving temperature set at a...
  2. kyrgyz

    Lack of interest Bonus tab

    I think bonus tab would be useful for offering additional downloadable items (mini-resources) with the resource itself possibly based on usergroup permissions. It might serve for something like rewards for members or timed promos for commercial resources or who knows for what else. It would...
  3. kyrgyz

    Lack of interest Display Version History count in its tab

    Please display VH count in its tab. It would reveal the number of version releases available for downloading at the first glance at RP.
  4. kyrgyz

    Not planned Multiple RM instances on one site

    Since there is a multitude of resource types, site owners might need more than one instance of the RM to be able to present their content in a logical and structured manner with each resource type having its own Latest, Top and Most Downloaded tabs. For example resource types might be...
  5. kyrgyz

    Resource and Add-on Releases

    I am confused with the way translations and add-ons are mixed in one forum. And all that with a bunch of new forums being rolled out. Why are language packs not a separate forum? Or did I misunderstand something?
  6. kyrgyz

    How do you find time for webmastering?

    Need advice from you, guys. I can't seem to manage my time efficiently when running websites. It just consumes me. Day after day can get exhausting. I am about to call it quits. How do you handle the impact it has on your normal life?
  7. kyrgyz

    Cartoon-like movies

    Watched last night Bunraku. The way it was shot reminded me Sin City. Just seeing Woody Harrelson, Ron Perlman and Josh Hartnett doing witty dialogues was awesome. Do you know any other movies like that? Please share! Not talking about Ironman, Batman or Spiderman type.
  8. kyrgyz

    [User Title] "Not a member" for banned users

    I am proposing to make "Not a member" a default XenForo term for the terminally misbehaved members. It adds to XenForo's overall organic nature and makes them known as banned in a subtle extenuated way instead of no indication at all (which I find misleading).
  9. kyrgyz

    Areas where XenForo fails

    There is plenty of the good stuff about Xenforo discussed here. This thread is for the bad and the ugly parts of Xenforo. My understanding is that 1.1 will not include post edit info.
  10. kyrgyz

    Who knew?

    This thread is for posting info on remarkable things happening here on Earth and Universe as a whole. ;) Jumping
  11. kyrgyz

    Dear Abby

    Touché. :D
  12. kyrgyz


    Amazon under fire for hot warehouse The heat inside a company warehouse reached 102 degrees, and 15 workers collapsed, an exposé reveals.
  13. kyrgyz

    I feel illiterate (unable to read)

    Considering today's globalization I feel illiterate at times. "Mr. ..uh...ouch..., you are right. XenForo is a good option for new boards." o_O
  14. kyrgyz


    "Lovefield combines elements of horror, suspense and drama to create a story that takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions."
  15. kyrgyz

    Dear, XenForo

    Dear XenForo, I am writing this letter to inform you that I am immensely impressed by your commitment to deliver innovation and in many ways hope to the forum world. Congratulation with reaching 200,000 post mark on your company forum. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work. Your...
  16. kyrgyz

    Choosing vegetable oil

    Seeing how popular is Kim's culinary thread here, I wanted to share with you the chart of veggie oils that indicates their "goodness". I've also scanned "Oil and Fats" brochure published by American College of Physicians Foundation for free distribution. It's attached as pdf file. The chart is...
  17. kyrgyz


    I thought LIKE was the ultimate killer of +1, +2, etc. Well, I was obviously wrong as I see xenforumers keep using them. Anyway, what exactly do the +#'s mean? iSupport? iAgree?
  18. kyrgyz

    Grilling: Propane tank safety

    I felt kind of uncomfortable leaving a propane tank unattended on the back porch, especially with small kids around. Here is a product I found on Amazon: Davom 52837 ProLock Propane Safety Cap with Lock and 2 Keys. It addresses safety issues and doesn't cost much. Just wanted to share with you.
  19. kyrgyz

    Is dead?

    I noticed that activity at is next to zero. It used to be known for its premium forum skins. Back in January 2011 ForumMonkeys announced they would be concentrating on XenForo. Nothing came to fruition so far. Users' last forum post was January 31, 11. I guess it's safe to say...