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  1. Decent60

    Animation Multiplier

    Not sure if this should be in the Bugs or not, but some feedback would be nice. This is a band-new forum installation. Nothing failed all uploaded correctly. I was trying to adjust the animation multiplier, which went well. After saving it, it looks like this: Notice there is an additional...
  2. Decent60

    Rebuilding Search Cache Error

    Before I post this as a bug (although a very weird one) I thought I'd see what ya'll think about it. Server Error Invalid bind-variable name ':vietmf' Zend_Db_Statement->_parseParameters() in Zend/Db/Statement.php at line 114 Zend_Db_Statement->__construct() in Zend/Db/Adapter/Mysqli.php at...
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    Design issue  Centering interferrers with the Code BBCode

    While I was trying to center some instructions that used the BBCode CODE feature, I noticed that the CENTER BBCode was being applied to every line, rather than overall. Since the CODE doesn't display any BBCode inside of it (which I like), this does create a mess. Shouldn't the CENTER code be...
  4. Decent60

    Duplicate  Automatic Similar Thread Search

    Automatic Similar Thread Search is a feature that we found a long time ago that is spotty mod, due to it requires the use of a JQuery controller file. What it does, is it uses the search functions to search for similar threads made when you enter a title for a new thread and displays the top X...
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    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Force Read Thread/Conversation

    vBulletin has a mod that forces a member group to read a Thread (takes it to the beginning post). This is greatly helpful for important news, announcements, and the like without having to create a Portal page (for those that don't use it) specifically to include that information. Once the Force...
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    Not a bug  Beta3 bug: Overlay stoped working

    None of the overlays work after upgrading to Beta 3. I disabled all installed mods/addons and still hasn't worked yet.
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    Edit and Ban in Member Card

    This is another small modification, inspired by both: and This is slightly different than...
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    [Suggestion] Enhanced Punishment system

    There are Mods/Addons out there that allow for such of a system, but I wish that it was coded into the core system to add to functionality. Some improvements (but not necessarily under the same name as these) that I was thinking about were: Warnings: Popup/alert screen (or more like the...
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    Implemented Log Administrator & Moderator actions

    Is there any where there could be a moderation/admin log setup in the core system. I like to evaluate my mods and admins on their work because sometimes they don't always do the best jobs.
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    Fixed  Approve Button does more than it should

    I have my moderators setup to just move posts around. They cannot undelete (soft) nor delete any posts. They can only see deleted posts due to another bug I found. However, they can approve/unapprove threads/posts. However, if I delete (soft) a thread, a moderator can simply just hit the...
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    Fixed  User Group Permissions - View Deleted Threads/Posts

    I consider this a bug, thus is why I am posting it here. If it's not, then please any moderator/developer point me in the right direction as to where this needs to be posted. When you set a group permissions to: View Deleted Threads/Posts - Deny that group, whether it has "Manager (Move, Merge...
  12. Decent60

    Lack of interest [Tweak/Suggestion] RSS Feed

    Currently there is a way to disable news feeds for users, can there be an option that disables the RSS feed for a site also and/or turning it off/on for certain sections?