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    Star Trek Into Darkness

    The new Star Trek is quite different to the 'old' Star Trek. They are both different, and can be appreciated for those differences. Personally, I quite enjoyed the new one, and the trailer suggests I'll enjoy the second new movie too. All in all, I can't really complain! :) Even better that we...
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    Cardinal Bergoglio elected as new Pope (Francis I)

    While I'm not catholic, I recognise the significance of the election and the Pope. From what I've read and heard so far, they seem to have picked someone that can hopefully appeal and relate to populations across the globe - a success in my book!
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    Thanks KAM for the free license extension!

    Bit disappointing that those who supported XF by purchasing a second (unneeded) license rather than renewing have missed out... but good for those who get the extension, I guess.
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    California Case Update

    Congrats KAM. So very glad to see it over, regardless of whatever the terms might be, it's just good to know development will continue :)
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    Already Getting Adds For Valentines Day :/

    Guess I'm the only one that started looking for a valentines day present about a week ago then...? :oops::love:
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    How did you learn php/mysql?

    I started off and learnt by hacking away at others' code. I also had a book, and a few good friends I could ask any questions of! Over time, I picked up enough and finally had the courage to try something from scratch. The php manual can also be incredibly helpful :)
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    California Case Update

    As others have pointed out, 'employee' is a distinct legal term and it's not necessary for Ashley to be an employee to have had (or continue to have) involvement with XF. Everything Pam said is probably legally and technically correct - Ashley might well not be an employee in the legal sense...
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    Will you upgrade to Windows 8?

    I upgraded to Windows 8 on the RTM (via TechNet), absolutely loving it. Yes, it takes some getting used to, but I've not found myself having any issues. I find the improved 'ribbon explorer' to be much better as well - less hidden away in menus! The only thing I added is a small app, which I've...
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    California Case Update

    Please stop mis-stating this. The reason they had to put up money was because the companies IB were using for the action in the UK were essentially shells, and had no assets that XF could claim in the event they won and had costs awarded to them. I'm sorry to say but the evidence IB presented...
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    California Case Update

    So much misinformation here... There is no "prosecution service" for a civil case in the UK. Anyone can file a case here if you follow the proper procedure, and (in summary) as long as there is a prima facie case (that is, on first look, it seems like there could be a case to answer) it'll...
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    The standard no-compete clause

    While I don't believe that the second point is illegal in the UK ("You shall not work for anyone else whilst you are employed by the Company without the express consent of the Company."), I've never had any trouble negotiating with employers to resolve any difficulties around those kind of...
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    California Case Update

    That's certainly the case in some jurisdictions, but my understanding is that in the USA/California that's not necessarily the norm, and XF/KAM will need to present a fairly convincing argument in order to recover their fees?
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    California Case Update

    I've got a lot of respect for many of your posts in this thread, however, this is one so far off base in respect of the laws of England & Wales that I'm not even sure where to start. The legal systems in England and the USA are both common law systems, and thus are nowhere near as far removed...
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    California Case Update

    Indeed. I'm thinking ex-customer/partner/supplier based on "2010- Whipping boy, Conman at ATPL Limited."! Hopefully he'll be on soon to sort it all out :)
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    What theme is IGN Boards running?

    IGN is a huge website. It's not running XenPorta. I'm 99% sure it's a custom CMS built for them :)
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    California Case Update

    Unfortunately, no. The cost is likely only going to increase as they need to prepare for trial. I've never worked in the US system or on large commercial/IP disputes, but when I've represented clients in the courts in Scotland, the amount of work done just before the trial is much greater than...
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    California Case Update

    From what I remember, it happened shortly after IB was taken over. I seem to recall some discussion that the new firm had been involved in working for their new parent company in the past.
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    California Case Update

    There was an interesting article here in the UK recently where an academic had followed judges for a number of weeks, and found they were actually far more aware of what was going on than your average citizen, for the simple reason that they had so many different things and people appearing in...
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    California Case Update

    It might be useful to remove your docs 84 and 85 from the list for the moment then, saves the confusion with the 0 byte downloads! :)
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    California Case Update

    Once you have been told the outcome, will you be able to share it here?