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  1. Steve Gibson

    Batch Move appears to succeed, but nothing is moved?

    Hi! ... I'm seeking some help with diagnosing a mystery. As the subject indicates, I'm attempting to consolidate two forums into one by using Batch Move to relocate all of the threads from one forum to another. The puzzling thing is, everything appears to succeed. The selection obtains all...
  2. Steve Gibson

    XF 2.1 Is there any sanctioned way to switch from "password_box-compiled.js" to "password_box.min.js??"

    Hi All! Our XenForo 2.1 installation is downloading a massive 824,235 byte password-checking JS file which mostly contains a massive list of disqualifying passwords. While I well understand the intent and value of this, I would much prefer to use the 2,524 byte password_box.min.js file. Is...
  3. Steve Gibson

    XF 2.1 Missing bookmarking after v2.0.12 to v2.1 upgrade

    Hi, all. I'm hoping that someone here might have some suggestion for how I might proceed. I was using AndyB's "Bookmark" addon under v2.0.12 (and earlier) before performing the upgrade to v2.1. AndyB's addon was installed at the time of the upgrade (if I could take that back now, I would!)...
  4. Steve Gibson

    XF 2.0 Where to start to add a fully custom logon option?

    Hello XenForo developers, I am in the process of bringing up a new set of forums for the discussion and development of a revolutionary Internet/Web user authentication system (known as SQRL) which can completely replace traditional username & password logon identity authentication. Given that...