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  1. Hyperion

    Excluding templates

    From the FAQ ( ) I learned there is a way to include templates, but is there a way to exclude them? I want to use a small add-on that uses discussionlist to make an aesthetic change to the topic listing, but by doing that it...
  2. Hyperion


    Does anyone here watch/listen to any podcasts, and if yes on what devices? Discovered podcasts only because my sister got me in iPod Touch (4G) for Christmas because I listen to music so much. Now I am watching/listening to a lot of clips and commentaries related to technology or politics, and...
  3. Hyperion

    Poems by you

    I have been writing poems for fun. Any fellow members of this forum also like writing poetry, and if so any you would not mind sharing? And while at it, what have you noticed about your style? Do you still believe in using rhyme schemes? Maybe you stick to syllables for meter because stresses...
  4. Hyperion

    Error moving thread on /forums page

    The server responded with an error. The error message is in the JavaScript console. Hi. When trying to move a topic on the /forums (i.e., topic listing) page, I get the error quoted above. However, there is no error if I go into the topic I want to move, and use the Thread Tools drop-down...
  5. Hyperion

    Sleep mode messes up computer

    Hoping you guys may help. This is a re-post of a question I submitted at another forum:
  6. Hyperion

    Print and Email topic

    I just realized what may be two features missing that I liked having on vBulletin 3.x; i.e., the option to print-view a topic or email it with the click of a button through the forum software. I realized because I wanted to print out one of my topics to read over and show an interviewee as I...
  7. Hyperion

    Male/Female % under "Forum Statistics"

    Hi. I wonder if it would be a simple matter to include the percentages for male and female members under Forum Statistics. There is no pressing reason for it, but I nonetheless find it an interesting trivia for a forum that is nearly equally divided, and which I would like members and guests...
  8. Hyperion

    Contact Us form message

    I am wondering if a message may be added neatly into the Contact Us form, so I can tell "forum posting services" and other worthless human spammer companies not to bother me?
  9. Hyperion

    Header and footer messed up

    Any idea where I would fix the following issues: As you can see the headers to my forums are gone. Also, the style copyright on the footer has been moved to the right. All this resulted from me going into xenforo.css and changing the following code highlighted in bold: I changed that...
  10. Hyperion

    Add-on Post percentage

    When I was using vBulletin 3.x, there was an add-on that displayed the percentage that a member's post count took up from the total post count of the forum. For example, with 3000 posts my post count might be indicated as taking up 5.03% of the total. Post count was displayed on the threads...
  11. Hyperion

    The Infinity Program Hi. The Infinity Program is a general discussion forum that was created in June, 2004. The forum started with phpBB 2.x before being moved to vBulletin 3.x in December, 2007. By December, 2011, the forum was converted to xenForo 1.x, so I have been using this...
  12. Hyperion

    XF 1.1 Setting up rank ladder

    Hi. I imported my forum from vBulletin 3.x to xenForo 1.0 (later updated to 1.1). The only problem I have had so far is properly setting up user groups so that the right rank text and rank image shows up on the thread pages. Here is my rank ladder: I used the following code (inserted in...
  13. Hyperion

    Add-on Top Posting Areas

    I am even surprised by my own posting habits when I see a breakdown of my post count based on which forums they were submitted to. There is a feature I hope to see replicated for xenForo, one which I have seen on two forums, the first being Shawn Hogan's (aka "digitalpoint") Digital Point...
  14. Hyperion

    What a cheesy topic!

    So what kind of cheese do you guys like, if you like cheese? Are you the guy who thinks that mild cheese is the way to go, or the guy who thinks the stronger the cheese the better? Ever tried Parmigiano-Reggiano on your spaghetti, or do you just shake out the contents of that green Kraft...
  15. Hyperion

    Rank images centered below avatar

    Hi. I can figure out/worry about the code necessary for adding the rank images later. For now, I am concerned about where I would need to go into to insert rank images (actual images, not CSS) directly below the avatar. I have searched for and read related threads here at the xenForo support...
  16. Hyperion

    Longer "Custom Title"?

    I recently converted from vBulletin 3.x to xenForo. While on vBulletin 3.x, one of my problematic members was given a custom title that included a link to a discussion explaining why he earned that title. HTML was used to make the title a link. However, it seems I may no longer do that on...
  17. Hyperion

    Random Quotation Display

    Since starting my forum in 2004, I have used phpBB2 and vBulletin3 for it, in that order. For both forum software, there were several modifications that would display one quotation at a time on the index/forumhome page (or wherever else you wanted it) which was chosen randomly from a text file...
  18. Hyperion

    One-touch Ban & Spam Cleanup (existing vB3 add-on)

    Hi. I have not used the administrative functions of xenForo so I do not know if cleaning up spam bots is already something so quickly and sufficiently done with xenForo functions that this add-on would add little benefit. Here is the feature I have in mind...
  19. Hyperion

    Nexia's "Newscast" (existing vB3 add-on)

    Here is the modification I have in mind: Here is a screen shot of its use at my forum: That sits above the forum listing on the index page (forumhome). I have renamed the title on the header to "Sample Topics."...
  20. Hyperion

    Interviews with community builders or forum developers

    After seeing several new reviews at Forum Promotion and The Admin Zone, and seeing some of them reprinted or linked to at this forum for comment, I was wondering if any other members here (besides Jonathan and Sandman) have interviewed community builders or forum developers? I would like to read...