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    XF 1.4 Any way to fix attachments not having an extension?

    Thanks so much. It was just a question of permissions, in that I forgot that Facebook (and RSS) see attachments using visitor permissions. There was no problem with how the XF system serves up image attachments.
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    XF 1.4 Any way to fix attachments not having an extension?

    RSS, Facebook and other such things don't recognize xenforo's links to attached images as true images. I'm surprised I haven't seen more discussion abut this. Is there any way to get the full, standard old-fashioned links to the attached image (with extensions at the end)? Can we use .htaccess...
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    Which Style Property ?

    Just to clarify, when "img" is off, the <span> returned by the system in your tests contains a cropped avatar?
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    Which Style Property ?

    @Jake Bunce Ok I tried it out in various configurations. It doesn't seem to actually be a fix, to be honest. Instead of an image, the system serves a <span> with the entire avatar image in the background. The problem is, it still doesn't serve you the cropped avatar. You're still trying to fit...
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    Which Style Property ?

    Hi @Jake Bunce, quick question. Here's a sample test-case avatar. If I set the avatar size to medium: <xen:avatar user="$user" size="m" img="true" /> The result looks as it's supposed to: (The bottom part of the image is cropped.) However if I set the avatar to large: <xen:avatar...
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    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    Umm No. Windows 8 and Apple did that by butchering their UI. The "OSX Yosemite looks terrible!" thread has over 400 posts: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1751546 Improve within the bounds of tradition. Don't jump off a cliff like a lemming.
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    Vimeo or YouTube for Have You Seen...?

    On a desktop the two are mostly comparable/interchangeable. However on an ipad, the YT looks quite a lot worse.
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    Session timeouts, long page load and missing replies

    A feature like Discourage attempts to mask the disapproval by site owners by flooding the user with technical errors. But all users will get wise to this eventually, and know that they're just being banned. While they're still figuring it out, they'll bombard the site with requests for...
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    You can easily change the overlay background to a different color. Check the style properties!

    You can easily change the overlay background to a different color. Check the style properties!
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    XF 1.3 Smiley Management Enhancements

    Kier thanks for improvement. The pitch of the smilie system would be importing from sprite images. You would have a third option: "Import from a Sprite image" , and each smiley would get a dialog box similar to the avatar cropper, allowing you to pick your smilies by mouse-dragging the sprite...
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    Hashtags - The Way XenForo Would Handle Content Tagging

    Possible to avoid the egregious 97-letter abuses of this system from page 2 by limiting the tag to, say, 10 characters max. Also, by limiting the amount of tags by user group, so e.g. a regular user can only use 3-4 hashtags per day, leading them to use them more judiciously.
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    XF 1.2 Widen User Info

    Problem with this solution is this: @Jeremy please correct me if I'm wrong: if you use the "l" avatar, XF feeds you an image that is not cropped.
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    Several Style Properties improvements

    The Conversations frame is also hard-coded and should be put into Style Properties (unless I missed where it is defined):
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    Several Style Properties improvements

    Minimally, at least the Visitor tabs. Public tabs differ from board to board so it'd be hard to target those, but every board has an inbox and alerts so adding them to the Style Properties should be both helpful and trivial.
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    Several Style Properties improvements

    Hi Brogan, would you see me occupy most of page 1 of the Suggetions with each of these minor points?
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    Implemented Replace all images with font awesome

    Fonts can't have color the same way images can, so no smilies or widespread usage in that sense.
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    Several Style Properties improvements

    thanks Amaury, I'll check. One more thing: the "Write your reply..." placeholder in Redactor is hard-coded to be inserted by JavaScript. Am I mistaken or should I add that to the OP as a feature to be definitely made optional?
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    Several Style Properties improvements

    Remove hard-coded CSS: body .message .newIndicator { margin-right: .... }. Let it be assigned via Style Properties. Remove hard-coded CSS: .linkGroup .Popup a { padding: .... }. Let it be assigned via Style Properties. Add Style Properties to target the breadcrumb link. Add more flexible...
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    iOS 7

    'Skeuomorphism as a transitional design' is a rather misplaced monicker. If skeuomorphism is defined as using real-world elements in the digital space, then many aspects of it should never be done away with. It is much more than the green-felt Game Center, which as I say was in bad taste. It's...
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    iOS 7

    I'm struggling to see how the discussion moved from the benefits of Skeuomorphism to this side discussion. I have no interest in a DOS pc. As a long-time Windows/MS user I know all about DOS, but as the Mac was the first bitmap UI computer, it is the true watershed in history. Can we get back...