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  1. yazer


    Zappiee is community for people and there well being, Its still in early stage and feed back on what would work well and what people think is needed is welcome. Please come join and give feed back, Thanks
  2. yazer

    [8WR] XenHabla (IRC)

    Is there update for this with xenforo 2.0 ?
  3. yazer

    Looking to start new project

    That was old site i had for gamer's its closed down now for over year
  4. yazer

    Looking to start new project

    No problem, i got my new project its old one and still out there but it do it :) IRC forums :)
  5. yazer

    Looking to start new project

    Nice looking website! 1 thing i would change is footer, it to big i think, but that's only me.
  6. yazer

    Looking to start new project

    Looking to start new xenforo project, i had gaming and football banter forums, but looking to target more people and users.
  7. yazer

    Gamer's Lag

    New Gaming Community site, where you post about everything gaming, We know the site alone way to go. This just start something good we hope. So anyone who's got ideas make site better of addon's that help please share.
  8. yazer

    Add-on Mobile standalone app

    @CabCon thank you it's what I looking. I send message but this is so idea.
  9. yazer

    Add-on Mobile standalone app

    Hello I sure there's loads they topics. But I looking to get standalone app to add to Google play and app store. So it make site more easier to access. And be able to be on everyone's mobile to remind them about the site. So anyone know anyone in development or offering services for this.
  10. yazer

    Add-on [Paid] Playstation/Xbox Trophy and Achievement list

    Would be very interested in this!
  11. yazer

    Slow but ok need something help it stand out

    Slow but ok need something help it stand out
  12. footballbanter

  13. yazer

    Mobile app

    well could be fun and something to do i guess but wouldnt you need be great with master coding and able edit xenforo coding ?
  14. yazer

    Mobile app

    How hard could it be to design app lol, or maybe xenforo make 2.0 easier to make into app lol
  15. yazer

    [XFSoccer] Soccer Betting Game [Deleted]

    Could someone update this addon or owner keep it alive its one the best for xenforo :(
  16. yazer

    football banter

    I had alot problems with errors with my xenforo license and connecting to import leagues etc :( great addon just needs fixed and its not sorted for mobile makes it open to 20% users
  17. yazer

    football banter

    I liked it alot but keeping scores updated and viewing it on mobile was hard
  18. yazer

    Add-on Live scores posted to forums with rss

    I started football banter for all uk football/soccer leagues and was hoping to get live scores posted to each topic, like have it run on rss for news and scores etc and post thread in there own topic. i know its sounds like alot work but would mean easy keep site updated and running with news...
  19. yazer

    [XFSoccer] Soccer Betting Game [Deleted]

    Love the addon but it not mobile friendly, is there away making it better layout for mobiles?
  20. yazer

    Add-on Sidebar with Premier League standings in it

    Thanks just thinking ways build this right and get few things looking good then see what happens