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  1. gordy

    Reviews: Showcase, RM, Custom Fields or other?

    I'm looking for a good process and workflow for members posting reviews on my forum. Currently I'm using a single node to hold all the reviews: Will the Resource Manager be a good tool for doing reviews? What about the Showcase...
  2. gordy

    Google PageSpeed admin panel problems

    Hi all, I've setup Google PageSpeed service and each link I click on in the admin panel throws me to the admin login screen and then takes me to the link I chose. Any ideas ? Cheers
  3. gordy

    Fail2ban for spam waves

    gordy submitted a new resource: Fail2ban for spam waves (version 1.0) - Block IP's from spam waves with fail2ban Read more about this resource...
  4. gordy

    Xenforo RSS out and printer-friendly

    Is there a way to have the RSS outbound from xenforo ( ) to show more than just the title/url? A set character limit maybe of the post/thread as in like the replied email notifications ? Secondly, is there a simple method of displaying a thread in...
  5. gordy

    Soft 404 errors issue

    Greetings all, I've been getting several reported "soft 404" errors from google analytics. On some pages that don't exist for example: This page does not exist and I have the "ErrorDocument" directive set in .htaccess like so: ErrorDocument...
  6. gordy

    RM 1.0 Can a forum thread be converted to a resource?

    In preparation for the Resource Manager release, can an existing forum thread be converted to a resource in RM ? What about pages? A search for my question yielded no answers (local or google site search). I have a lot of content (articles) I'm sitting on that I'm debating on putting into...
  7. gordy

    Replying to PC Notices (by email)

    I have some members who reply by email to a PC notification they receive one in their email client. The ACP reply-to is set to an email address that I check and I get many messages from members unwittingly email-replying. Is there a macro that can be used to send to the intended...
  8. gordy

    XF 1.1 jquery ACP calendar Feb 2007 oldest date

    Hi all, The ACP popup calendar, such as " ACP > Users > Search for Users > Visited since date: " only goes as far back as Feb 2007. Is there a way to make it go older ? Thank you
  9. gordy

    Double select or join on same table ?

    Is it possible to select two field value rows in the xf_user_field_value table? The desired goal is to get username, vbench and real_name BUT the vbench and real_name are rows and not fields, how can a label or alias a row or field and then twice so I can gather the output, the value of vbench...
  10. gordy

    Blank avatars in my callback, wrong track?

    I've cobbled together bits and pieces from other code from this forum but I'm just getting blank avatars returned, so I'm apparently missing something. What I have so far, the bits in green are added to my known working good code: <?php class PFvbench_vlist extends XenForo_Model { public...
  11. gordy

    Why is my array so empty?

    I'm trying to use this as a PHP callback into a page. The video tutorial is little help for anything not builtin function wise or custom queries. I've got this : <?php class PFvbench_vlist { public static function showVlist(XenForo_ControllerPublic_Abstract $controller...
  12. gordy

    Show threads from X node where user has unique value in Custom Field

    Would this be better accomplished with using pages ? How do I send the parameters via php from one page to the target page? Workflow meta Visitor clicks on a members name from a page of members and then is presented a page of the threads that member started from a specific forum. Workflow...
  13. gordy

    Does it exist? Display Topic starters posts from a single forum

    This may already exist I just don't know what to even search for. What I'm looking for: A link on a users profile that when clicked shows all that users topics they have started from a single forum(node). Thanks for any help! :)
  14. gordy

    Converted query trouble

    Can any database guru's understand why this query is failing (I eventually have to kill the process) SELECT xf_attachment.attachment_id, xf_thread.thread_id, xf_thread.title FROM xf_thread LEFT JOIN xf_attachment as xf_attachment ON(xf_attachment.data_id = xf_thread.first_post_id) WHERE...
  15. gordy

    Header to include, please help

    All I want to do is include a header. I just want XF to match my site. I want to think I have chosen wisely. Listeners, and Controllers, and Call Backs, Oh My! I've tried this thread but it fails to mention the kind of controller to use...
  16. gordy

    Piwigo, Gallery

    Has anyone had any experiences with Piwigo ? The feature set is nice, notably tagging and searching and seo urls. I'd like to see a user bridge to XF ;)
  17. gordy

    Default install only eleven smilies?

    There are more available - I'm not sure if my install was botched or have to add them each manually :confused:
  18. gordy

    Fixed Attachments not visible when editing a post

    When I edit or edit(more options) a post made by a user, the attachments are not visible. I need to rearrange attached images due to the inline attachment/vb3 import bug.
  19. gordy

    Recent Activity stream - not show Likes ?

    Is there any way to not show Likes on the Recent Activity stream? A little too cluttered and superfluous for my tastes (not content worthy)
  20. gordy

    Import, in stages?

    Can I take an mysqldump of my running vb3.8.x today, run an XF import, and use that to test and tweak - then when I'm ready to go production import the changes made from the original import to the current (some future date)?