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  1. FreshFroot

    High energy = High Drive!

    High energy = High Drive!
  2. FreshFroot

    Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks

    It was a good game with some good surprises! Next season will be good, lots of player movement, new coaches, new divisions! I hate that the CAP is going down... but I guess that is how it is for now.
  3. FreshFroot

    vb5 to xenForo?

    Last time I checked.. many people were giving them away for free.
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    My partner wants to use vBulletin 5. I want to use xenForo.

    Well all I know is the forums that are for licensed members only over at vBulletin. Well they have MANY members complaining how they wish they never upgraded to vB5. So based off those comments, I would say vB5 is not the way to go. vB4 is okay... but it seems like they have reduced the time...
  5. FreshFroot

    Tortorella relieved of coaching duties

    One GM I know is failing already.. Steve Yzerman. Has amazing offence, but the guy cannot even create a good backend. Signs Salo and Ohlund to ridiculous contracts on the D. The goaltending has ALWAYS been a problem, which he never solved. I DON'T think Bishop is their #1 and if he is.. they...
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    Tortorella relieved of coaching duties

    That depends... sometimes it's not the coaches fault. I've seen players play poorly and get paid millions. Wasn't brad richards on the rangers benched for game 3 and 4? Critical games and he earn what? 7-8 million per a year? Man I'd love to be benched to watch hockey and get paid millions of...
  7. FreshFroot

    Tortorella relieved of coaching duties

    If messier coaches.. the rangers won't even make the playoffs LOL. it's proven.. not many elite players ever become good coaches. Gretzky failed too. I wouldn't be surprised if Roy fails too next season.
  8. FreshFroot

    Xbox one and CoD: Ghosts

    That depends on the price. I mean the price you can get an xbox 360 for us much cheaper than a gaming rig. Sure a gaming rid will LOOK better and be better. But for the price I wouldn't go for a gaming rig. But I assume the new consoles will hit the $700 mark. And in that case a rig is cheaper...
  9. FreshFroot

    Xbox one and CoD: Ghosts

    That's why I would wait for their 2nd or 3rd generation console. I didn't buy my xbox till the last release before the xbox S. Then a year later I swapped it and got the xbox S. Although Sony did well and had less console die. But their ps3 slim also did better. I never rush for the latest...
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    Xbox one and CoD: Ghosts

    BTW does anyone know if they will port over trophys or achivement scores with the account on the newer consoles? Or will everyone's score start from 0?
  11. FreshFroot

    Xbox one and CoD: Ghosts

    Which means if the PS4 did that.. then it would be much faster than the xbox one.
  12. FreshFroot

    Xbox one and CoD: Ghosts

    The thing for me is how much of a difference the RAM will actually make. I'm assuming it might mean games will load faster on a ps4 than the xbox. And that would play a HUGE factor, if the level loading time can be decreased... I could see a lot of people forking extra $$ just for that to get...
  13. FreshFroot

    Xbox one and CoD: Ghosts

    Yeah I seen that happen many times. But I also don't see a difference in 5 dollars for a used/new game. I rather pay the extra $5 and get something new. But it shows how the prices are just crazy. I never bought or played used games.. never will. So it doesn't affect me at all.
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    Xbox one and CoD: Ghosts

    It happens a lot in Canada too. I remember the used price of COD MW3 was $64.99 and buying it new is $69,99 It makes no sense... In fact sometimes their USED game costs more than their new games. This is how they make their MONEY. They don't make much from selling new items. They make...
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    Xbox one and CoD: Ghosts

    I'm a huge xbox fan since it first came out xbox original. I moved to 360 because of halo and I already had an xbox. But I have to say xbox One seems like they pushed out something for the SAKE of pushing it out. I think the PS4 specs outbeat xbox one from what has been told. I never...
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    LET's GO RANGERS!!!!

    damn.. I wanted the Caps to win....
  17. FreshFroot

    MyBB to XF

    I can also help with mybb conversions or pretty much every other platform. Feel free to contact me. :)
  18. FreshFroot

    Monkey Productions

    Funny enough I was imagining green and what ya know... I see green! I've gotta say I like it a lot. It doesn't look much like a XF, but that's what's so great about it. It stands out well, and I think you did an awesome job. :)
  19. FreshFroot

    MyBB > XenForo

    I can also help if needed to port from mybb to XF :)
  20. FreshFroot

    Why is there no Mybb importer?

    If anyone needs help importing from mybb to xf feel free to contact me. I can help you out. No stress, no worries! Smile and enjoy the new converted xf board :)