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  1. justwordme

    Slow please

    Well I'm convinced that my hosting company is actually run by a fourteen year old girl out of her bedroom closet in the Netharlands. As many will note my site was just restored from a five day blackout because thay forget to move over a couple of files in a server transfer.... That being said...
  2. justwordme

    help with odd errors my website down

    My host changed out servers and now I'm getting errors and no page display when viewing page source I get this: Mysqli prepare error: Table 'myWebSitesName_xenforo.xf_option' doesn't exist When I log in to mywebsitename/install I get this: Mysqli prepare error: Table...
  3. justwordme

    Characters get replaced weirdness????

    So whenever the word I'm comes through on a RSS feed it gets replaced with I'm (no spaces) Any Ideas what would cause this??? and how to fix?
  4. justwordme

    How do I view visitor counts?

    I would like to see how many visitors (unregistered) I've had by day for the past week or a specific date?
  5. justwordme

    Making a Board Invitation Only

    So many successful websites have created a following and clamor to become a user by making it invite only i.e. Google, Gilt, Pinterest etc.... Is there a way to do this with Xenforo i.e. submitting requests having an invite code limiting invites etc... Is this a feature or is there a Add-on that...
  6. justwordme

    How to always get an email alert for thread activity???

    I would like an alert every time someone posts to a specific thread. Often times I will read the quick email summary and decide that it's not important to visit the thread to read what the alert just told me. How can I get an alert for every thread until I opt out. It happens a lot on this...
  7. justwordme

    Scraping threads for email addresses

    I have an incoming RSS feed that has a lot of email addresses posting to one of my threads. How might I scrape those email addresses to create an email list?
  8. justwordme

    How to Make threads show first paragraph and first photo???

    I'm looking for a way to make all or my most recent X posts to appear like the "recent news" in Xenporta basically instead of just thread title.....having the title and first paragraph or so plus first photo displaying before having to click and open each thread
  9. justwordme

    Add-on View first Image while Thread Hovering

    Hi I want to create a Craigslist like category. I would like to have the first image posted in the thread to appear when hovering without having to click and open up ad. Also I would like to replace the Avatar with the first image. The first seems awfully easy does anyone know how to do this...
  10. justwordme

    Image in pop-up when hovering over thread??? How To?

    Hi I want to create a Craigslist like category. I would like to have the first image posted in the thread to appear when hovering without having to click on ad. Also I would like to replace the Avatar with the first image. The first seems awfully easy does anyone know how to do this or know...
  11. justwordme

    How to create subcategories?

    Howdy I came across another Xenforo forum. Wondering how to do two things. (see photo) The first is how to have Recent news and activity up top? Second how do you create the subcategories all small and listed out like shown? As in I create on directory tree but cannot get them all small and...
  12. justwordme

    Changing start page

    I'm new to coding and web design. Where or what file do I need to modify to make my domain/forum the start/main/landing page?...(It's not currently my start page as something got screwed up.)
  13. justwordme

    Help upgraded to 1.1.2 killed my start/homepage but not other pages

    I just upgraded to 1.1.2. and I can no longer access my home page. Although I can access other pages with direct linking to the correct subdomain addresses. I've disabled every add-on (originally thinking it was a Xenporta issue) as well as changing changed my Style back to default. I've also...
  14. justwordme

    Lack of interest Make sidebar view easier to customize

    Really wish sidebar was more user friendly and hard coded instead of needing to use add-on's or programming for each style to modify what you see. For example as of today 1-25-2012 you can tell that there are 13,862 users that have purchased Xenforo (give or take programmers and in house test...
  15. justwordme

    How do I create a hidden forum accessible and visible to the admin only?

    I would like to create some postings and such and post them at a later date. How can I have a hidden Forum that's visible to myself the Admin but not visible to others. I can see how to create a private Category but not a hidden private forum.
  16. justwordme

    Why use Photo hosting services?

    I'm new to this BB stuff why do some websites use a webhosting service instead of the way I currently upload a pic to my XenForo site? Is XenForo designed differently or? (I can see movies taking up lots of space but not images)
  17. justwordme

    Where to block members/guests count

    Easy, easy question where do I insert the "if admin code from the FAQ" to prevent users seeing how many others are online "as my board is just ramping up and don't want to advertise how few are online) I'm thinking this is the correct code to insert to just show to admins and Mods only...
  18. justwordme

    Lack of interest Node type for Rss Feeds

    Typically Rss feeds are for news or such and contain an image. It would be nice to have a Node type layout that shows at minimum the first embedded image. Currently XenForo has a great and easy to use RSS feed reader interface. But there is no good way to display that data i.e. if you stick...
  19. justwordme

    Creating a closed category open for comments?

    I would like to create a Category of featured product(s) of the month. I don't want anyone else to be able to post products/create new threads. But I want people to be able to comment on said products/threads. How do I do this???
  20. justwordme

    How to rename thread title??

    Because.....I have XenPorta and I have a thread drawing attention that I want to promote. I would like to add more than the one word title to the Slider So how do I rename a thread title? (and no this isn't a Xenporta question it's a generic how do you rename any random thread question)