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  1. Creaky

    [TH] User Improvements

    Some reason it didn't work when using font awesome, does now though.
  2. Creaky

    [TH] User Improvements

    When using font awesome icons for the Trophies is there an easy way of changing the colour of the icons, currently they all show as black. I would like to add some colour to some of them. I know I can add the CSS to extra.less but wondered if there is anything built in?
  3. Creaky

    Custom 404 Page by Siropu

    Can you call custom CSS in the template?
  4. Creaky

    Add-on Auto fill tags based on thread title

    This add on does that and a lot more
  5. Creaky

    Discord Integration [Paid]

    Appears I forgot that, working fine now.
  6. Creaky

    Discord Integration [Paid]

    Installed this yesterday but have a couple of issue Clicking on Discord roles there appears to be a missing phrase Also the connected accounts test works but i get an error when going to the Discord channels page Stack trace #0 src/addons/NF/Discord/Api.php(158): XF::handlePhpError(2...
  7. Creaky

    Not a bug Importer Version: 1.2.1? or 1.2.2?

    An updated version was released today.
  8. Creaky


    This one I have been looking at recently, not sure of any others
  9. Creaky

    [cXF] Login or Register on thread view [Paid]

    If I want to use this on more than one site do I need to pay for each site or just the once?
  10. Creaky

    Tag Essentials for Xenforo 2 [Deleted]

    I have this running on 2 sites at the moment, one using 2.0.3 the other using 2.0.5. With the site running 2.0.5 the Watched Tags isn't showing but it is selected in the options The site running 2.0.3 is set up the same way and the option does show Also switched to the default style on the...
  11. Creaky

    What's New Digest

    Can other content types be added to this? I use Bob’s Article Management System and would like to include any new articles in the email. This is the demo for the add on,
  12. Creaky

    SEO (SEO2) [Deleted]

    I have 5 sites I want to use this with though, could get expensive.
  13. Creaky

    SEO (SEO2) [Deleted]

    Any chance the of image part will be available in a separate add-on? That's the only part I would be interested in.
  14. Creaky

  15. Creaky

    Tag Essentials [Deleted]

    Updated to beta 6 and found a missing phrase This is on the watched tags list.
  16. Creaky

    Implemented Spam Cleaner in Moderation Queue

    Think this is what you’re after, coming in 2.1
  17. Creaky

    Tag Essentials [Deleted]

    Installed 2 .0.0 beta 5 on a test site that had 1.8.4 previously installed Was the old version supposed to be re-enabled?
  18. Creaky

    XF 2.0 Tag widget?

    I use this one, works very well
  19. Creaky

    How to make a tabbed widget

    Works perfectly, thanks.
  20. Creaky

    How to make a tabbed widget

    I'm replacing the text links with fontawseome icons with this <span class="tabs-tab" id="widget key 3" role="tab"><i class="fa fa-camera-retro fa-2x" aria-hidden="true"></i></span> Is there a way to get a tooltip so when hovering over each icon it shows Latest Posts or whatever the tab is called?