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  1. Svoboda

    Las Vegas Health, Fitness and Well Forum

    Have had a dormant Xenforo license for quite awhile and figured I'd try to do something with it. Since a large part of my life is centered around fitness, I figured I'd just open a niche forum for my city and see what happens. It's nothing extravagant but would definitely appreciate feedback on...
  2. Svoboda

    Any CSS wizards around by chance?

    I'm a CSS novice but I do my best. Was trying to merge the Top Posters add-on into my style and got it pretty much sorted except I have a small overlap from the category strip. I've used the inspect option in browser and can't seem to find what is causing it. If anyone is willing to lend an eye...
  3. Svoboda

    Bandwidth Cap Forum

    Not sure how the site will do, but after getting hit with overages from Comcast for the 4th month since they put the caps back in last December (on top of the two "complimentary" months they "so graciously" provided me), been spending a lot of time researching and playing with all of my tech...
  4. Svoboda

    NBAGoat - Discussing NBA history, basketball's greatest players, coaches and teams of all time

    Had a second license just sitting dormant in my account and actually got a bit energized watching the NBA Finals and all of the fun discussions I was having with friends on LeBron vs MJ. Site is nothing fancy, just a place to talk NBA hoops history. We'll see how it turns out...
  5. Svoboda

    Midlife Fitness

    I've gotten pretty big into health and fitness over the last two years and have been a member on a bunch of subreddits, and other fitness forums. Every site pretty much has the same issues (IMO) where they follow and regurgitate a "one size fits all" approach which definitely...
  6. Svoboda

    Style Help make our transition to Xenforo successful

    It's a long time coming, but I'm looking to finally move my vBulletin forum to Xenforo. I'm looking for a creative designer to create a custom style for us. I'm not tied to any design cues from the custom style we're currently using as it isn't responsive and a large chunk of my user base visits...
  7. Svoboda

    XF 1.3 Guide to create singular forum site?

    Does there happen to be a guide anywhere on how to set XF up to display the thread listing of a single forum as the default along with the standard sidebar? I can visualize what I want and I've tried to search but can't find anything. I know someone has to have set it up this way.
  8. Svoboda

    Received C&D today demanding removal and payment

    Long story short, receive a lawsuit draft today demanding that I remove a picture (which I have) that a member posted in a thread on one of my forums as well as payment for use of said picture. This is the first time I've received a C&D that also demanded payment. Do I have any recourse at all...
  9. Svoboda

    XF 1.2 Link forum description wrapping?

    Is there a way to make the description for a link forum span the entire row? Since there is no last post data, it just wraps and leaves that area blank. I'd like to see the description span the entire row so it doesn't create unsightly white space on the page.
  10. Svoboda

    Site has been online two days now is still pretty basic as I pick up what can be done with XF. Have modified the default theme, created some custom pages for each of the schools within the conference and that's about it. Currently trying to figure out how I can create news pages that include...
  11. Svoboda

    Is this a custom style or just a modified default?

    I'm creating a set of conference forums and came across this XF site. I like the utter simplicity of it so I'd like to duplicate it. Just curious if this is a custom style or if they just modified the default theme.
  12. Svoboda

    Social Gaming Forums

    Not really a showcase yet as I've decided to run the 1.1 beta, but just wanted to put my URL out there in case anyone is interested. Once 1.1 hits gold, I plan on having a skin done. Basically the forum is focused around social gaming -- be it the social games like you may play on Facebook...