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  1. FreshFroot

    Google Searches + Youtube

    So I had an odd question. I had posted a video on youtube and the title, description and tags have my first and last name. It's a rare name especially my last name. I noticed after posting my video about 1 day later google had it when I searched my name as the 3rd entry. It's been about a...
  2. FreshFroot

    Nice Spoiler Tags

    So I saw someone make this post earlier, but they are not a member of xF. But it's an interesting topic. Anyone used or made spoiler tags ? Someone posted that above and it looks nice. I'm guessing jquery was involved unless they are using part of some xF code?
  3. FreshFroot

    Privacy Rights

    So I am doing a survey and wanted to get as many opinions as possible. How many of agree or disagree that your privacy is being invaded when a company sells it's customer data to a 3rd party, and you happen to be a customer of theirs? And do you feel it is ethical or not ethical ? An...
  4. FreshFroot

    XF 1.1 upgrading

    So I was trying to upgrade my XF. However when I go to I only get No where does it ask me to login as admin?
  5. FreshFroot

    Short Stories

    Hey all. I am looking for some help. I need a short story preferably something funny, that HAS NOT been depicted visually. So no Harry Potter since it has been visually represented as a video. I am looking for textual stories only. Hope some people are willing to share. Thanks. FF.
  6. FreshFroot

    Corrupted Tables

    Alrighty.. so I wake up today to find 2 of my forums down. vB and XF forums. Both showing mysql errors, I check the tables and they are ALL corrupted for both forums. I don't know how this is possible. I assume something happened on the server side. Does anyone know how to properly repair...
  7. FreshFroot


    So this I think is a bit important to cut down on duplicate or un-needed extra posts. I just realized you can use the reply button MORE than once. That is to say instead of clicking reply and replying and then wanting to reply to someone else's post in the same thread and doing it again. You...
  8. FreshFroot

    Graphic Design Forums

    Does anyone here know a few graphic design forums, where I could get some help with my logo design? I hate to say it, but I usually don't have a hard time finding active forums for certain things. Maybe someone here can point me to a few. Thanks in advance.
  9. FreshFroot

    vB Blogs

    I thought I'd ask and see what vB users did with their blog posts? I know vB has the "blog this post" option and no opposite feature, which kinda sucks. Did anyone convert their blogs into XF threads/posts? or convert the blogs postings into wordpress etc..? I kinda don't want to lose that...
  10. FreshFroot

    XF features

    I would normally say "is it just me or is XF's features addicting?". By that I mean achievements, who quoted etc... I just found it ironic today. Really how boards like vB and IPB are copying default features of XF. I noticed a few members at both places begging for a feature like "who quoted...
  11. FreshFroot

    Facebook Killing Forums

    So I saw a user posting this on another site and it got me wondering. What does everyone here think about it.... Since we are all forum owners, how does FB impact your forum? I know users have said that they tried to find ways to utilize FB to benefit them eg. FB Connect and FB Likes. But does...
  12. FreshFroot

    Thread List

    I tried searching, but can't seem to find this issue. Is it just me or does anyone else see the thread listings break? To a point where you can barley read the thread titles and most of it becomes covered with the background?
  13. FreshFroot

    Brower Piven claims against Internet Brands

    well well well.. how the tables have turned. What do you all think of this news below?
  14. FreshFroot

    Facebook + Other Logins

    Just a major question with the facebook login. I see members can login with facebook. However, are there plans to allow other methods of logging in? eg. other social networking site? Or will FB be the only one integrated?
  15. FreshFroot

    LocalHost testing

    So I'm wondering.. For those that have windows. What packages have or do you use to install apache/php/mysql on your machine. So that you can run applications such as Xenforo for development or testing purposes? I know there are some packages, which have all 3 components and installs pretty...
  16. FreshFroot

    Reactivation Fee

    I guess this is mainly for Ashely. I hear of these reactivation fees. I would like to know if it will be implemented for sure? I was considering purchasing 2 licenses till I heard about this issue. Since then it has discouraged me in purchasing more than 1 license. So will this fee be...