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  1. Marc

    You pain in the ............

    .......... Did you guys have to come back and start releasin stuff again .... Have had to go and start another forum again now, do you guys not realise how much time I lack? LOL
  2. Marc

    Felt this should be posted here

    Hi guys, I felt this should be posted up here as a hell of a lot of you came from the vbulletin scene at one point or another and will have known him. I hate to be the barer of bad news however it seems Boofo (Bob) has passed away. I dont know a lot about the circumstances however I know he was...
  3. Marc

    Node permissions?

    Hi Guys, Feelin a little dumb here. I can add usergroup permissions in the relevant area within the development tab. How do I add node permissions?
  4. Marc

    1&1 warning

    Hi Guys, Just a quick heads up for 1&1 cloud server users. Yesterday my site was down for over 6 hours and I could not access it any other way than through the vnc connection to ssh. Was told everything was fine there end and therefore it must me my end. Now I dont profess to being an expert...
  5. Marc

    GEEK RANT - Repeatative coding

    OK just had to get this out...... Decided on coding a backup solution for my databases on the server, for no other reason than its somethin to do. SO basic idea is I will connect to server via SSH mysqldump the database with gzip and a date stamp, download via sftp and will be run on a daily...
  6. Marc

    Implemented Read more & Images

    Hi Guys, The resource manager over all I like. However a couple of bits. Read more in the main topic. I would completely get rid of that tbh. The chances of me not clicking read more on every single one that I visit is few and far between. (To put another way, if I click into a resource, Im...
  7. Marc

    DamnComputer - Status In Post

    Marc submitted a new resource: DamnComputer - Status In Post Displays a users status in their postbit on the forum. Read more
  8. Marc

    DamnComputer - Staff Room Unread

    Marc submitted a new resource: DamnComputer - Staff Room Unread Displays unread messages from a staff room/mod room in your moderation bar. Read more
  9. Marc

    Data / Internal Data backups

    Hi Guys, Just want to check I am correct it what I am thinking. Im sorting out some backups on my site. At present I download to my PC but Im automating this task to somewhere on another server. So a few questions: Other than my database, the only other thing that would change on my site...
  10. Marc

    Ya know what Im lookin forward to in 1.1

    Just thinkin with the 1.1 release, Im actually looking forward to seeing how many modification releases are being held off before its released as I know there are a couple that I have seen around. Anyone else thinkin the same? I mean I would be lookin forward to 1.1 release itself, but these...
  11. Marc

    Please could you change prefixes?

    Hi Guys, Any chance you could add a new prefix for FIXED in each version whilst we are going through the betas to show the following: Fixed in Beta 3 Fixed in Beta 4 etc etc etc Not sayin change all the current ones as I should imagine that would be a royal pain in the backside, however...
  12. Marc

    Forum prizes?

    Just curious as to what anyone else has done in relation to competitions and prizes for members on their forum. As a siberian husky forum we have 2 camps every year for our members in the UK. One is roaming, the other being in the same location in April year on year. So this year we decided...
  13. Marc

    So fast

    Ya know I just had to post this. Only a quick post but nevertheless. Since putting the beta on my live site I decided to spend the time to see just how fast the forum can be with the modifications I have on there, and now almost every page on the site loads in around 0.2 seconds. Now bare in...
  14. Marc

    XF 1.1 Tables locking? Anyone else?

    Hi Guys, anyone else had any problems with table/row locks since updating to 1.1? Just asking first as nothing to really report as a bug as I am only associating the timing of what is occuring with when I updated at present.
  15. Marc

    XF 1.1 error switching on show custom user fields

    seem to have template errors in thread_view Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/huskyown/public_html/forum/library/XenForo/Template/Abstract.php(262) : eval()'d code, line 1194: 1193: 1194: foreach ($post['identities'] AS $service => $account) 1195: { This is when I switch on show...
  16. Marc

    I upgraded to 1.1

    Just a bit of feedback. Have updated my live forums to 1.1 (yeah I know, naughty LOL) and everything went fantastically. There are a few bits of bugs here and there, however absolutly nothing in comparison to any other beta software (or even first full release for that matter) that I have used...
  17. Marc

    Fixed Admin Search - Cant edit template

    Hi Guys, When using the admin search for a template, clicking on that template brings up the following: The template is editable from the style in the usual way so not sure what the problem is.
  18. Marc

    XF 1.1 Ignore system - Switch off? Permissions?

    Hi Guys, Could be being stupid here, but is there not a way to switch off the ignore system for certain usergroups, or even for everyone?
  19. Marc

    XF 1.0 Issue with personal messages

    Seem to have a problem when sending messages, but not a clue as to what is causing it. Now its happened before but extremely infrequently, however has happened a fair few times today. When sending the following error is logged: Non-recipients cannot reply to a conversation The strange thing is...
  20. Marc

    Lack of interest Upgrader suggestion

    Please could we have something added to the upgrader that checks at the beginning what columns should be added and whether they have already been added for whatever reason and they shouldnt be there yet. To explain a bit further. There are 3 posts so far of people who's attach in conversations...