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  1. Safin

    Which media gallery(s) do you use on your VB powered site(s)?

    vbGallery although i modified its code heavily to get the SEO URL's going. A PITA to upgrade but am happy with the 3.8x+vbgallery combo so no real need also.
  2. Safin

    Implemented Extending native search - For custom addons

    Awesome. That is great news for the mod community.
  3. Safin

    Implemented Extending native search - For custom addons

    And on this topic, it would be nice to have the ability via an api to push custom "alerts" generated by modifications into the global newsfeed.
  4. Safin

    Implemented Extending native search - For custom addons

    Does the present code make the possibility of extending the native search possible? Since you guys are not bringing out the cms or other related addons right now(and rightfully so :)) i hope you still have left hooks or methods to extend search for people who would want to code their own addons...
  5. Safin

    Not planned Tab Order at Login, Signup

    Well innovative maybe but i still think the taborder needs fixing. And i still feel that most normal users tend to look for a "register now" button. Its best if its kept separate.
  6. Safin

    Implemented Closed Threads - Showing notice clearly

    This deals with showing the message that the current thread is closed and not taking any further replies. eg: While there is a notice at the top that says: Thread Status: Not open for further...
  7. Safin

    Not planned Tab Order at Login, Signup

    To be fair, i don't quite see much advantage in a combo login/signup first step. It appears a bit confusing. Its best if there was a clear "Register Now" Button and a normal sign in box having 1-2-3 tab order (Username, Password, remember me).
  8. Safin

    Xenforo & Wordpress Bridge

    hehe, kind of agree if you run it just like that. In which case wordpress is pretty shoddy too. Drupal has some awesome caching solutions though. Try Boost. The thing with drupal is that many big corporate websites use it as a frontend and XF can be a natural forum solution for them if there is...
  9. Safin

    Have I mentioned how excited I am about having jQuery as a major part of the forum system?

    The best javascript framework around :) Lovely to see it on XF. Always loved coding in it and am sure i will love it even more now.
  10. Safin

    Implemented  Allow ability to remove like from a post

    You can already Unlike it :) Just see.
  11. Safin

    Implemented Ban multiple accounts at the same time

    Adding to this, since i don't know the feature exists or not, it would be nice to have ban a user and delete all posts made by him feature too (similar to Delete post as spam in current vbulletin which gives the mod that option)
  12. Safin

    thumbs up/down counters for the suggestion forum?

    Which is how it should be. You really don't want the main official site to show off some features that don't exist in the core. Newbie potential customers might complain later otherwise.
  13. Safin

    Spam Management Question

    Strange enough, i use the Q/A system on my site and i don't get any bot spam at all. Although the questions are not simple. More like word based simple algebra problems.
  14. Safin

    Congratz Lawrence!

    Congrats Mate :)
  15. Safin

    Congrats man. Time to put a mod avatar ;)

    Congrats man. Time to put a mod avatar ;)
  16. Safin

    XF 1.0 Everyone's News Feed

    Its great if that's what it does :) But that does not explain the "Hide" being shown for feed items from other users then ;) And if the backend is smart enough to differentiate that a hide request from me for another users feed item means hide the post from me only, then i think this part needs...
  17. Safin

    Spam Management Question

    Oh i hope they do add it then. Its a lifesaver for many forums which otherwise are quickly destroyed by spammers. This is especially true for niche sites where you don't have active staff all day. Akismet does a good job of stopping or preventing obvious spam posts.
  18. Safin

    XF 1.0 Everyone's News Feed

    A question, what does the "Hide" in newsfeed do? From the looks of it, it hides the news item from the person who hid it. IMO a better although slightly harder and resource intensive use could be if a person could hide some part of his own profile edit from the newsfeed. No this is not the same...
  19. Safin

    [random thought] linking to xenForo on our current forums

    Unless you run a webmaster site, i don't think most members would even bother ;) Or they might come and ask you - so why are you running the software anyway :D
  20. Safin

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Auto Refresh of Newsfeed

    Yep. Twitter like is better for me but again how its actually shown is pretty secondary.