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  1. Chimpie

    Google Analytics - Increase In Users This Week

    Has anyone noticed an increase in users beginning on Monday (August 12, 2019)? Looking at our Google Analytics, I'm seeing a 30% increase in users, but we haven't made any changes nor created any marketing campaigns. We lost about the same percentage back in 2018 when they did their August...
  2. Chimpie

    XF 2.1 Banned IP Addresses Question

    If we enter an IP address on the Users>Banned IP Addresses section, and that IP address visits the site, what do they see? Thanks!
  3. Chimpie

    XF 2.1 Spam Accounts Seem To Be Getting Through Registration

    It appears that we've had several (20+?) accounts make it through the registration process without a single flag. When checking StopForumSpam, both IP addresses and root email addresses are known. This has never been a problem before. Any thoughts on what to check? Thanks, Chimpie
  4. Chimpie

    XF 2.1 Additional emojis?

    It looks like the number of available emojis here are much higher than the standard twelve on our recently upgraded site. Did I miss where to install/add the additional ones?
  5. Chimpie

    XF 2.1 Did custom pages disappear in 2.1?

    We used to have a custom page in 1.5, but after upgrading to 2.1, it disappeared and now I can't find out where it went.
  6. Chimpie

    XF 1.5 Option to tag threads already created

    For some reason the option to create tags in posts already created is not showing. I can create tags when I'm creating a new thread, but not one that's already created. I'm not sure which option I should be checking. Thanks in advance!
  7. Chimpie

    XF 1.5 Member Count Question

    In the forum statistics box, it shows Members: xx,xxx Does that include those who have signed up but are still awaiting email confirmation? Thanks!
  8. Chimpie

    XF 1.5 Statistics - Threads

    In Tools > Statistics - Threads - Is this new threads created or threads posted in? Thanks.
  9. Chimpie

    XF 1.5 Log for Users Awaiting Approval

    Is there a log for past actions for the Users Awaiting Approval? I'm unable to find one. Thanks!
  10. Chimpie

    Odd Weekly Statistics Report

    I tried to pull the following report: Weekly Statistics: Jan 2, 2016 to Jan 9, 2016 First, when I tried to pull the report from Jan 3-9, it constantly reset to Jan 2-9. Second, the graph shows for W1 2016 and W53 2016. (see image below) Why is there information for week 53?
  11. Chimpie

    Google Analytics and Users Flow - Threads

    Hey everyone, While reviewing our Google Analytics - Users Flow I noticed that there is a huge drop off for /threads. (see attached image) There's a 96% drop off rate. Is this because there's nothing there for the URL /threads? Would a...
  12. Chimpie

    XF 1.4 Google's Sitelinks Search - Xenforo vs EMTLife

    I've read a couple of threads here about Google's Sitelinks Search Box and I haven't found the answer to my question. I'm using Chrome and entered the query: emtlife - We get this: Entering a search term (let's use: avatars) brings up an emtlife - xenforo search of "avatars". Doing a...
  13. Chimpie

    XF 1.4 Where do I edit username in postbit?

    One of our admins changed the username in postbit at one point but I can't seem to see where. We need to modify it to make the font either not bold or a smaller font. We haven't decided yet.
  14. Chimpie

    Log of Facebook Registrations

    Is there a log, or a way to view those who registered via Facebook? And I guess the other social networks as well?
  15. Chimpie

    XF 1.4 Help tab?

    For some reason I thought there was a Help tab in the top navigation bar. This would have thought this thread would have confirmed it: Is a Help tab not default anymore? We'd like to have one now that we've...
  16. Chimpie

    Any forums using https?

    Any forums (besides here at Xenforo) using https? How long have you been using it? Any issues using it? Google said earlier this year that they will favor those sites using https. For those that are using it, have you see any increase in traffic since implementing it?
  17. Chimpie

    Who's the member who buys forums?

    I've asked a couple people privately but we've all come up clueless. There's a member here who advertises that they buy forums, but I can't remember who it is. I think it's advertised in their signature. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.
  18. Chimpie

    php coding question

    Let's say I'm coding a simple php page non-xenforo). As part of this page I want to write, "To code this, it should look like ..." where I would display that code. What would I wrap the code in so that it does execute?
  19. Chimpie

    What do you call... What do you call ThisPart of a domain? I was chatting with a friend who has taken on a new role of social media manager for a real estate company. The company has a website, Twitter and Facebook accounts, but each are named...
  20. Chimpie

    Anyone noticing a change with Google Penguin 3.0?

    Has anyone noticed a change in traffic since Google Penguin 3.0? Looks like it started the second week of October (according to articles I've read). Our Google Analytics is showing a drop in Sessions, but the overall Pageviews is still holding around the same numbers. How are your communities...