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  1. Jake Bunce

    Fixed table prefix not reliably applied by db adapter regex (affects IPB importer)

    This was initially reported by my customer as a problem with the IPB importer. The users step was failing due to one of the tables not existing. The reason for the error is because the table in question wasn't being properly prefixed in the executed query. I have tracked this down to a...
  2. S

    XF 2.1 IPB Message Attachments

    The documentation for XF2 here still refers the user to look at the XF1 import first, although I do see IPB4 listed in the importer. Perhaps that will be updated soon (the XF2 section) , no matter. Its good to see it supports v4 however. My query: When I last tried an import, no Message (as in...
  3. Zambfd

    XF 2.1 Incremental import (vb|ipb)? Help

    Hi, is there any function, addon, code change for XFI or other possibility to do an incremental import of vbulletin 3/4 and IPB into xenforo? We're hosting several forums, some contain of 9+ million posts and 500k+ threads and we can't and won't deactivate the live running forums for hours to...
  4. Damien Alexander

    Duplicate IPB 4.4 to XF Error

    Hello, I'm trying to move my IPS 4.4 to XF, Latest Version and after I insert all the info and proceed to begin I get error
  5. leoterik

    XF 2.1 move ipb 4.4.4 to xf 2.1.2

    Hello community like the titel already said i want to move from ipb 4.4.4 to xf 2.1.2 how do i make it with out data lose or something ?...
  6. D

    XF 2.1 redirecting issue with old IPB

    Hi, I've had a previous redirection that was working when I switched from IPB 3.X to IPB 1.5 Recently I upgraded to IPB 2.1 and I see that the redirects are not working anymore. I tried using the redirection from this URL...
  7. Toelupe

    XF 2.1 Imported IPB 4.4 to XF 2.1 - Attachments link problem

    Hi! :cool: I have a problem with conversion IPB 4.4 to XF 2.1, all the members, avatar, tags, threads, posts etc...are imported correctly, only the attachments have a problem, not a big problem, in practice they are correctly connected to the discussion and can be downloaded at the end of the...
  8. day_

    XF 2.1 IPB 4.4.x to XF 2.1 Import

    Do you have any plans on updating the importers for IPB 4.4.x for XF 2.1? Your documentation only says you only support Xenforo 2 and vBulletin Today I have ran an import from 4.4. into 1.5 which was successful despite only supporting up to 4.2...
  9. S

    XF 2.1 Importing IPB download

    I could not see where this was answered or not and do not currentlyy have an active account to verify myself directly. First thank you for the importer which saves much much time with not having to go via XF1.5 first. The questions are simple: 1. Does the new Importer allow import of...
  10. Subseven

    IPB 4.3.3 to Xenforo Questions

    I'm running IPB 4.3.3 and was thinking about switching to Xenforo. I too am so sick of IPB's BS renewal system. I am using the Registry (garage), Pages, and other assorted mods (of which I can do without). Can the conversion be done across hosts (Siteground to Godaddy)? How long does it take...
  11. C

    IPB 4.3 to Xenforo conversion

    Hi. I'm a long time user of IPB but I'm burned out with their greedy renewal systems + expensive official addons scheme. I checked the FAQ, conversions thread, and I'm not sure I understand what those images mean. Like they say: "this step cannot be run yet" for import threads and topics (and...
  12. vinayprajapati

    Comparision Xenforo Vs IPB Vs vBulletin

    I need a comparison chart between Xenforo vs IPB vs vBulletin. Can anyone provide me complete details?
  13. Booth

    XF 2.0 IPB Importer

    Hi, I'm sure I'm missing something but I can't find importers for IPB in XF 1.5 or XF 2. There only seems to be importers for vBulletin and Xenforo 2 in the importer add-on folder. Are they available to download somewhere else? Thanks.
  14. GoPluto

    How can I import IPB 4.2 to XF2 w/ redirects to XF urls

    Hey there, a while ago I converted my Xenforo installation to IPB and IPB imported all the users, forums, posts etc.. and managed to redirect the XF URL structure to Invisions. Meaning all old links pointing to the XF version redirected to the new IPB URL. Am I able to do this but the other way...
  15. JoyFreak

    IPB - Your Thoughts?

    ...Has anyone transferred from their board to Xenforo or visa versa? How comparable are they? Are they advanced or less advances? Someone said IPB is better (except the price) and it got me thinking.. Wanted to know your thoughts. I know Xenforo is missing a lot of features i.e classified, blogs...
  16. CUCK Classic

    Add-on IPB style clubs

    It would be cool if someone could create an add on that adds a club system similar to the way it works with IP Board. Here is a link to what I mean.
  17. G

    XF 1.5 Questions regarding IPB 3 -> Xenforo 1.5 (->2.0)

    Hello, I made a test import from my IPB3 Board to Xenforo 1.5 and I come across some difficulties regarding how to proceed. 1. Some of the ipb BBCode did not get translated into xf BBCode. From what I saw, I have to use this tool...
  18. nodle

    Fixed IPB 4.2 Import - YouTube Videos

    Good Morning. Imported from IPB 4.27 this morning everything seems to have gone good (had to mess with the image proxy thing first but got it working) but none of the embedded Youtube videos are showing up. When I try to manually edit the thread, it doesn't show any code at all. It's like they...
  19. Kev Collins

    XF 2.0 Import from IPB 4.2.6 to X2

    Will the import tools in X2 work on IPB 4.2.6 for direct import or is it best to go into X1.5 then upgrade to X2. Many thanks. Kevin.
  20. S

    Migrating to XenForo from IPB

    Hi, I'm interested in migrating to XenForo from IPB 4.2. I read the website and it states that the importer supports up to IPB 4.1: I was going to wait until XenForo 2.0 is released before migrating but I might just purchase XenForo 1.5 before the end of this...