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  1. Mert

    Developer needed for Big board projects

    Hello , I am looking for a developer who can develop specific add on's that are going to be used on our big board. We will like to create a good established relationship so we can have the same developer on all our future projects. We organise our projects accordingly so you will not have too...
  2. Mert

    Clarification of mod's

    Hello , Please clearly state the role of the moderators on this forum. Do they have any agreement within Xenforo ltd. ? Please try to keep the mods not responding this thread as this is directly a question asked to management. I am highly dissapointed by realizing moderators on this forum...
  3. Mert

    Big Board Conversion Exprience

    Hello , Can some big board owners explain the experience they face when they made the switch to Xenforo from vBulletin. The items i am interested mainly at , Server Load related experience , User experience , Traffic levels before and prior to installation. Also did anyone use Xenforo behind...
  4. Mert

    Fixed  Import - Attachments Problematic

    After importing the attachments thumbnails display correct but the file size for all attachments are listed as 0 and when you click on attachments i always get not found error both when SEO options are enabled or disabled
  5. Mert

    Fixed Show Alert Bug

    Hello , When i click Alerts i receive the following bug. This error is not visible on all times you click Alerts , happens from time to time Error Info ErrorException: Undefined index: today - library/XenForo/Locale.php:530 Generated by: Mert, A moment ago Stack Trace #0...
  6. Mert

    Fixed  Character Bug after import

    There is a major bug within Profile Comments. Non English characters display correct on regular forum topics however they are messed up within profile comments. The display in profile comments is as following Tanýdýðýma çok memnun olduðum hoþ sohbet insan :D keþke cey de olsaydý...
  7. Mert

    As designed Forum Statistics not updated immediately

    Hello , Looks like stats are not updating immediately. Who is online is showing 3 members however Forum Statistics is not listing latest member and shows member count as 2
  8. Mert

    Fixed Create New Language

    Hello , I was on the edge of starting a new translation but when i click Create New Language button in admincp i receive . No details within error_log Running Php 5.3.3 , nginx 0.8.50 with php-fpm Error A server error occurred. Please try again later.
  9. Mert

    Cannot reproduce  Last Post

    I noticed that last post column doesn't show the latest post all the time. Both on Forumhome and Forumdisplay pages the last post is not correctly updated. Both shows another user as last poster however the latest comment was from me. Attached screenshots Forumhome Latest Post ( check the...
  10. Mert

    Dislike Post

    It is great having a like feature however can we also have an option to dislike posts ?
  11. Mert

    Fixed  Forumdisplay Layout Error

    When you use a long thread title , it causes a problem within 1024*768 resolution
  12. Mert

    Fixed  Threadbit Pagination

    There is a minor error on threadbit pagination. It requires a little more spacing between elements in order to prevent the problem within the attached image.
  13. Mert

    Not a bug  Post New thread

    Within forumdisplay pages there are two breadcumb elements at top and bottom. At top New thread button is floating right of the breadcump. However the bottom display is different , i think they should have a unified look.