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  1. CFMack

    Have you enabled the 'Dislike' reaction on your forums?

    I'm just curious if it is a wise thing to do (I just don't want it causing conflict). I enabled ours a little while back, and I have literally only used it once. Nobody else has.
  2. 51463

    heres how to enable dislike reaction in xenforo

    i found out how to enable dislike reaction in xenforo, i didnt know but it possible because xenforo added dislike emotion but didnt active it here here it is at the bottom styles/default/xenforo/reactions/emojione/sprite_sheet_emojione.png these are the settings, position is important...
  3. Alfa1

    Facebook answers calls for a dislike button with 'downvote' feature Here is a screenshot of the feature: Hopefully we will see something similar in XF 2.1 to make it easier to flag and moderate abusive posts.
  4. Alfa1

    Facebook is finally making a 'Dislike' button one, the social network is finally going to give us a way to express something other than a “Like.” Brace yourselves: the Facebook “Dislike” button is coming. Despite previously saying the social network wasn’t planning to build a “dislike” button, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed...
  5. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Dislike Threads 1.0.0

    [TH] Dislike Threads - Add a dislike system to threads Description This add-on will add a dislike system (or down vote system) for your threads. This is a good way to weed out the bad threads by getting your community to get involved. Features Adds a dislike/down vote system to your...
  6. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] Dislike Posts 1.0.0

    [TH] Dislike Posts - Add a dislike system for posts Description This add-on will add a dislike system (or down vote system) for your posts. This is a good way to weed out the bad posts by getting your community to get involved. Features Adds a dislike/down vote system to your posts...
  7. borbole

    [TH] Dislike Posts

    borbole submitted a new resource: Dislike This Post (a.k.a. Worst Posts) - Adds a dislike system for posts Read more about this resource...
  8. borbole

    [TH] Dislike Threads

    borbole submitted a new resource: Thumb Down This Thread - Adds a dislike system for threads Read more about this resource...
  9. TheBigK

    Implemented Like/Dislike On Thumbnails

    ...there was one more like on the same photo. Now what I see is : A downward pointing thumb, with '2' next to it. I thought '2 people disliked' the photo! Suggestion: Keep showing the thumbs-up, instead of thumb down. Use a difference color to indicate that the user has 'liked' the photo...
  10. imthebest

    As designed Clicking on the "Like" icon for a picture when viewing an album results in a dislike?

    Sorry. I see it has been fixed now:
  11. RobinHood

    Facebook 'considering' a dislike button. Is it time for forums to add more post feedback buttons? I think this would me an absolute mess, I don't think they'll do it. Companies wouldn't want the ability for customers to dislike them. Unmoderated, it could definitely facilitate cyber...
  12. imthebest

    What do you really dislike about XF?

    If you want to talk about the good thins go here. I don't like how the moderation is being handled here. It's way too rude, conservative and protectionist. It looks like they do not tolerate criticism about XenForo as a product (even positive and constructive criticism) and many threads gets...
  13. D

    Duplicate DISLIKE / DISAGREE Button

    I would love a DISLIKE or DISAGREE button. That would truly set this software apart from others. --Daniel Audet
  14. Amaury

    Ability to Dislike a Post

    This is related to this, but since there can only be one suggestion per thread, here is a separate thread. Anyway, I'm not talking about just unliking a post you previously liked, but actually unliking a post to reduce a member's like account because you disagree with them, thought their posts...
  15. aasajjj

    Duplicate Thread Rating System: Like/Dislike

    ...xenForo. Suggestion: If xenForo dev's have made up their mind about not wanting the star rating to come into the forum, then why not like/dislike thread. And it would display how many likes (up votes)/dislikes (down votes) each thread would get. Sometimes the forum needs these extra...
  16. Adam Howard

    Duplicate Template Modifications - dislikes <xen:comment>

    So this doesn't seem to work even on the default style. Template in question sidebar_share_page The goal? Make it go bye- bye How? Wrap the whole thing with... <xen:comment> </xen:comment> OR as an alternative, tell XenForo's Template Modification to replace everything with an empty box...
  17. Alfa1

    Duplicate Thumbs up/down and dislike

    For those webmasters who would like to use it, it would be very nice if there would be a thumbs up / down and a dislike option. This is basically a negative counterpart of likes. The lack of this function implies data-loss when migrating a website from another platform to XenForo.
  18. pheyde


    hey is there a mod for dislike button? like same thing as like button except you can dislike too. that would be great :)
  19. James

    Dislike Add-on

    Just out of curiosity, is anyone developing (or do they plan on developing) a dislike add-on?
  20. Rho Delta

    Duplicate Dislike or Hate Button

    I have had requests from users to add a dislike or hate button that essentially does the same thing as the like button does. Thought I would throw that out there.