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  1. Thomson

    XF 2.1 save password to another database

    I want to save the generated password hash into another database so they are equal. where is the .php file where the password is written into the database?
  2. Thomson

    XF 2.1 Create notice in a template

    I have created several 'Custom user fields' and want to display a notice for those who have not set it, i.e. where the value is empty. Since this is unfortunately not possible via the 'User criteria' I wanted to ask how I can realize such a notice in a template.
  3. Thomson

    Add-on Resource post limit

    I want to limit the posting of resources to a period of time per usergroup. e.g. GROUP1 can only post 3 resources per 15 days
  4. Thomson

    XF 2.0 Profile statistics

    Where can I change which statistics should be shown here?
  5. Thomson

    XF 2.0 Phrases without ACP

    Hey all! I want to create a new language that only affects the frontend NOT phrases from the ACP. They should stay like they are. Is there a way of filtering the phrases to show only the ones that aren't in the ACP?
  6. Thomson

    Add-on UserLog on profile

    It would be pretty cool and helpful if moderators (or permissions) had the ability to display the 'User change log' found in the ACP in a new tab on the user's profile. This would allow authorized persons to see when, how and who has changed something for a user without needing permissions for...
  7. Thomson

    Implemented Notice Options

    Since XenForo 2.1 it is possible to activate push notifications for different browsers. Personally I think it would be very cool to use the method used for this notification as a second option for the "notices" found in the ACP. So you could display your own required notifications in this way...
  8. Thomson

    XF 2.0 Show only UID

    Hello community, is it possible to only show the userID on the /members/ page. If so, how? Would be great if i could get some help. What I mean: Best regards Tom
  9. Thomson

    XF 2.0 Message multiple users

    Dear community! I'm trying to send a conversation to multiple users. At the moment, i can only notify a single member or the members of a certain group for "User criteria". However, I would like to use this tool to notify two specific users, e.g. only user1 and user45, except which group they...
  10. Thomson

    XF 2.0 Remove Node-Title?

    Hello, is it possible to remove the node title? Example:
  11. Thomson

    XF 2.0 See Reports as Super-Mod

    I've added users as super moderators, but they can't see active reports. Since I didn't find any setting for this in the super mods options, I wanted to ask where to do this.
  12. Thomson

    XF 2.0 Superadministrator Permissions [HELP]

    Is it possible to give a superadministrator the rights to assign only certain user groups? If so, how?