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  1. cdub

    XF 2.1 PayPal charging sales tax for account upgrades?

    I've noticed recently that PayPal has been adding sales tax to some of the account upgrades that I've been getting. That can't be right. I'm using the paid registrations addon as well but I don't think that is adding it.
  2. cdub

    XF 2.1 Display full quote bbcode?

    Is there a bbcode option I can put in so it doesn't have the "click to expand" and shows the full quote?
  3. cdub

    XF 2.1 How do I change the meta description of a page node?

    Would like to change it. If I past it into the description I get a whole bunch of text on the page I don't want. Just want to edit the meta description. I'm using a page node as the home page portal of the site.
  4. cdub

    XF 2.1 Hide "Add Bookmark" button on a Page Node

    I'm using a Page Node as the home page for my site. Is it possible to remove the "Add Bookmark" that shows up in the top right of the page on that page?
  5. cdub

    Simple XF 1.x Post Ratings to XF 2.1 Native Reactions converter

    Is there one already? I have a ton of XF 1.x Post Ratings data on my XF 2.1 site and would love to convert them to the new Reactions.
  6. cdub

    XF 2.1 Emojis don't show.

    On my 2.1 site I type in :co and the cool and confused emojis pop up. But no coffee or cow. When I do :hot nothing shows up. Not hotel or hotdog. Not sure what I have set up wrong on my site.
  7. cdub

    Cannot reproduce Active user statistic glitch?

    Every month or so it says that I have exactly 85 active users for that day. It's a huge jump from the norm. This is up from the 65 users on those days from when I rebuilt the daily statistics. This goes all the way back to 2002 by the way. Every 30 days or so... the same amount of "active...
  8. cdub

    XF 2.1 Upgrading to 2.1 from 2.x and getting permission errors when uploading

    Everything seemed to upload fine except the files in and the folder paragonie. Seems like it's saying that root is the owner of those files and not the login so it isn't letting me upload, replace, or create files there. Strange. Also getting a 500 error after uploading. Going to index and the...
  9. cdub

    XF 2.0 Hide "New Posts" and "What's New" to guests

    I have a private forum so those links bring up blank pages for guests anyways. How do I hide them for guests?
  10. cdub

    XF 2.0 Custom member stat setup

    What is the member stat key field? Edit- nevermind figured out.
  11. cdub

    XF 1.5 How to "see" conversations that you've "left"

    I have a the auto-conversation with new members featured... is there a way to see those messages in my inbox if the option wasn't selected to stay in the conversation?
  12. cdub

    XF 1.5 In the "Online now" what does the (Error) text mean at the end of the post?

    I'm seeing the following sometimes in my "Members Online Now" page: What does the (Error) mean? That page loads up fine for me... even in Chrome's Incognito mode. I've seen it on other threads too... not just this one. Any idea what's going on?
  13. cdub

    XFMG to Showcase converter?

    Is it possible? Has anyone done it? It'd be awesome if it could be done.
  14. cdub

    MG 1.1 XFMG to Showcase converter?

    Is there a way to do this? Has anyone done this?
  15. cdub

    XF 1.5 Deleting prefixes

    Is it "safe" to delete prefixes that are in use in the admin? Any repercussions for the threads I should be aware of? (I decided I don't want certain prefixes anymore and don't want to go to each thread and remove the prefixes)
  16. cdub

    XF 1.5 Notices - How to have a notice NOT display on a certain page

    On the page criteria settings it shows a way to have a notice display on certain pages... but how for example to have a notice show on every page EXCEPT the Showcase pages... Is there a way to do an "except"? (Basically it's a notice to get people to use the new Showcase addon on my site - and...
  17. cdub

    Ability to select search results?

    Am I missing it or does it not exist? I'd like to be able to do a search and then be able to select with the check marks the search results like you can do in the forum view. (for moderation... moving threads... etc)
  18. cdub

    Forum Reorganization Tips

    I've had the same Forums organized on for a while now and I'm thinking of completely revamping and rearranging them. Mainly because people don't seem to know the best places to post things... there are overlapping categories of forums... and some of the forum categories are just...
  19. cdub

    XF 1.5 New User Welcome

    Does the new user welcome conversation in 1.5 happen immediately when someone registers? I have manual approval turned on for one of my forums right now... does the conversation only go out after I manually approve them?
  20. cdub

    Thumbnails in widget all of a sudden not showing

    They were working before but I'm just seeing three dots for the widget right now where the thumbnails would be. Check it out here: