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  1. Heavy

    XF 1.4 Change font of username and the user group their in.

    Title says everything, i want to change font of the username and user group, Thanks. (I've been trying EVERYTHING but i did not get it to work.. :( )
  2. Heavy

    Style The Official Thread for 'Whiter' style - upcoming style!? Vote you opinion!

    This is the official thread of style 'Whiter' Hello xF, Me and @Demon have created a project where we try to make a style that truly resembles a vB style. I have seen so many xF users looking for this, that's why I created this project. And now it's up to you what you'd like to see in this...
  3. Heavy

    XF 1.4 Joined & month customization in message containers

    First of all, I would like to take remove the day when the user joined in the message containers (custom user fields). Delete the number at the beginning, in this case '1' And on the month, only the three first letters. So final result should look like this: Thank you, Heavy
  4. Heavy

    XF 1.4 Change size of username in message containers?

    Haha, okay, this is really embarrassing. But I can not find where I change the size of the username in the message container. Any help? Thankx
  5. Heavy

    XF 1.4 Help me, sidebar customization and sidebar style.

    Hi guys, i really need your help at the moment and wondering if you could help me with this. I would like to have that the sidebar starts at the start of the first category. This is mine: How i want it: Hopefully you understand. And if you could make my sidebar looks like theirs? :) For...
  6. Heavy

    XF 1.4 Style when i'm turning off my board in options.

    I want to style the way how the index page looks when i turn off my board. Is that possible? If so, how do i edit that?
  7. Heavy

    XF 1.4 Ok, so i set a header background, but i don't what it to appear on the sidebars.

    Hi there, So i set a header background a minute ago, but i don't want the background to appear on the sidebar. The background is white, So i want to remove the white part on the sidebar, so it match with the contentBackground :) Thank you.
  8. Heavy

    XF 1.4 How to sent a font for just the forum title.

    Hi, i want to set a font FOR JUST THE FORUM TITLE. Can anyone help me? Font i want, font: bold 15px arial, helvetica, sans-serif; I've tried everything but when i set the code everything get that font. Please help.
  9. Heavy

    XF 1.4 Remove this space!?

    Hi there, i'm converting a vb style to xenforo. And now im stuck.. There's a space between the category and my custom row as you can see on the image. So my question is, how do i fix this? My forum link: CLICK HERE! Thank you.
  10. Heavy

    XF 1.4 Frame around forums & categories.

    How do i remove this very small frame around forum & all categories?! You see what i mean with my mouse. Thank you.
  11. Heavy

    XF 1.4 How to make the header look like this?

    Hey there, Today i was looking @ some tutorials and finally learned how to play with all templates so i'm working on a style now. But, the thing is i don't know how to do make this space with the header. How to i make that big space with the header and up? My looks to tight: Thank you.
  12. Heavy

    XF 1.4 Style chooser improvments!

    Why can not guests change the style of the forum? Is it possible? If so please tell me! :) I would like to have this: a style chooser that looks like that, i think it's called "a scroll down"? Instead of this: Help me please! Best regards, Heavy
  13. Heavy

    Better security - no more nulled xenforo's out there :)

    I think that the security of xenforo script should be better, that eg when installing, you have to log in to your account, and when upgrading. Obviously, only customers to do this. What do you think about this? It is so sad that so many people use nulled xenforo versions. Support...
  14. Heavy

    XF 1.4 The icon should be removed..?

    Okay, this is my opinion, and I can tolerate criticism, but not hatred. I know xenforo community consists of only good people, but there are probably always people who like to hate. This icon: That is in front of: This icon is in front of each thread. If you don't know what i'm talking...
  15. Heavy

    [PAID] Learn me use CSS with xenForo :=)

    Hi, I was wondering if someone wants to teach me how to change and fix with CSS? (with xenforo] Example: Of course will get paid!
  16. Heavy

    XF 1.4 Change the style of the search bar?

    So i wanna the style of my search bar, now it's looking like this: I want something like this: I think i'm gonna edit the EXTRA.CSS? Maybe i'm wrong.. Which tag will im use? (I think it's called "tag) Ex. .searchBox blabla __________ Thanks, Heavy
  17. Heavy

    Admin needs to approve registrations...!? I did not do this changes! HELP!

    Hi, I just got a little problem .. When my friend would register this box came up: Note that "Thanks for registering. Your registration must now be approved by an administrator. You will receive an email when a decision has been taken." Not should be in English it should be in Swedish ... I...
  18. Heavy

    XF 1.4 Time to learn myself just need some help (What template)?!

    Hi, It's time that I (Heavy) need to learn how to use xenforo system. Today's mission is to get this: Look like this: So its "By" before the username and date UNDER username. And hopefully that little icon :) Can someone just tell me what template i need to edit? I might need some help...
  19. Heavy

    XF 1.4 Change RSS icon!?

    Hi, i would like to change RSS icon (forum list) Can anyone help me? :D Cheers! Heavy
  20. Heavy

    XF 1.4 Change Home Icon?

    Hi, For now i'm using a add-on to have a "home icon" Anyone know how to change that one? I'll upload a file here so you can see which one i want. Maybe i do not need a add-on for this, but can you help me then? Cheers &...