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  1. Sagar

    Whats is using?

    I am searching following 3 things for ages and now I find them implemented on Could anyone tell me what they are using 1. Thumbnails for users instead of names under "Who is Online?" 2. Image Gallery 3. Random Images below header Thanks in advance :)
  2. Sagar

    XF 1.1 Fatal Error :-( Please help ASAP

    I am getting following error. Site was working fine till yesterday night. Please help Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ErrorException' with message 'Undefined variable: showTrace' in /usr/home/lovingfoo/public_html/ Stack trace: #0...
  3. Sagar

    Forum Category under separate Navigation tabs?

    I want to create few a tab for each category and forums under it. Something similar to "" Article, Forums, Style tabs. Any idea if and how I can achieve same end result?
  4. Sagar

    how to stop Capitalization of first letter of each word in Thread Title?

    Xenforo automatically applies an initial capital to every word in a topic title. This messes up many proper names and abbreviations such as: Ipad instead of iPad, Iso instead of ISO, Cartier-bresson instead of Cartier-Bresson, E-pl2 instead of E-PL2, etc. Is there a way, this could be disabled?
  5. Sagar

    Text Editor gone after upgrading to 1.0.1!!!??!

    I am unable to post, reply or start a new thread in the forum. All buttons, everything is there bu text editor is totally vanished :( Please help! Thanks
  6. Sagar

    Logo Request

    Looking for help in creating a good logo for my site that can straight away tell users what's site is all about. I also want some form of this camera sketch as a part of the logo Type of Image: Logo Text on image: Olympus Cafe Tag Line: The Olympus PEN Forum Specific Images: (links must be...
  7. Sagar

    Any interest in running photography forum?

    Last couple of months (since the launch of XF) I am running a photography forum (on XF) for a particular brand and we are growing slowly but steadily without any kind of promotion. But due to my work schedule, I am unable to give as much attention as I would like to develop the site and I don't...
  8. Sagar

    How Do I?: Disable Font, Size and Color in Text Enditor

    Is there any way to complete remove Font Family, Font Size and Color drop downs from the editor or just have plain text editor?
  9. Sagar

    Duplicate  Better default smilies?

    Well not a big deal but I think it would be nice if we could have better default smilies? Current ones are good but not as good as VB or IPB (at least for me). And with Shelley around, don't think it should take too much effort to come up with better default smily set :)
  10. Sagar

    How to add Highest Posting and Newest Members block on Home Page?

    I would like to add Highest Posting Members and Newest Members blocks (which by default are shown on Members page) to forum page. I tried by copying side bar divs for both on home page sidebar but it just gave the heading and block with no users displayed. This is the code I copied to forum...
  11. Sagar

    Moving logo to the left?

    I am struggling to move logo to the extreme left (outside pagewidth property). I tried by removing pagewidth div from logoblock but it messes up the entire header. You can see here, how logo is disproportionately placed and need to move to the left.
  12. Sagar

    Style Feedback Please Looking for feedback, suggestions, Thank you :) PS: Have to move logo to the left, trying to find out how :)
  13. Sagar

    Default Style

    Can anyone please attach xml for XF default style. By mistake, I messed up with default style and now even if create a new style, its taking some bgcolors from the modified style. Appreciate help in advance :)
  14. Sagar

    How to add a Page Tab in Navigation

    Well first and foremost, I searched the forum and went through some solutions given but they are not clear to me. Can anyone please explain me how do I add a Tab After Home -- Forum -- "HERE" -- Members Thanks
  15. Sagar

    Custom Icon for each Forum

    Is it possible to add custom icon for each forum? how
  16. Sagar

    Feedback Please Modified version of Erik's Flexile theme. C&C, suggestions, welcome :)
  17. Sagar

    Is there any way to add a block on right side on forum home ?

    I tried searching but could not find anything. Can I add a block on the right side where all the statistic, logged in users etc are displayed on forum home?
  18. Sagar

    Successful Migration IPB --> VB --> XF but..

    Well, I moved all live board from IPB to XF using VB 3.8 and everything seems to be working good except there are extra spaces in the posts and all imported quotes are showing
  19. Sagar

    Any guesstimate on IPB importer timeline?

    I know many members have shared a wish for getting IPB importer and Devs have communicated it will be there. I just want to understand if its some timeline so I can decide whether I should wait or migrate through VBulletin? Is it possible to share any guesstimates like couple of week, months...
  20. Sagar

    Duplicate BB Code in Page?

    Not sure if its already there, but I think would be great to have BB code/Editor to create normal article type pages. While we have full flexibility its bit cumbersome to create html txt for each article/content.