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  1. zenhyi

    XF 1.1 Username Directory

    Is it possible to make user profile directory /username ? This is actually very very important, because I am trying to create a social network type of forum. Instead of people finding their profiles with member.php?=3 or etc. It would make their lives so much easier if it was just...
  2. zenhyi


    Hello, Is there any plug-ins for Hash Tagging? Regards, zenhyi P.S. I'm very very impressed with XenForo so far, really looking forward to XenForo's 1.2 stable release.
  3. zenhyi

    Fixed XenForo 1.15 - Editor Bug

    I am currently using XenForo 1.15, I'm not so sure if it is the same on previous versions of XenForo. When you copy and paste something onto a thread with over 2 lines+ that is spaced in this format for example from another website (in my specific case it had a different font): This is a...
  4. zenhyi

    XF 1.1 XenForo Newbie

    I've just purchased my XenForo License today and I am very excited. I've finally made a decision after 3 days of research (approximately 8 hours a day), mostly on demos. Firstly, is there anything I should know about XenForo in general? What plug-ins do you recommended or is a "must-have"...