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  1. J

    XF 1.2 Can't seem to log out

    Clicked "log out" in profile. The page just updates, and I stay logged in. Installed WatchOnReg today. Tried disabling it - made no difference.
  2. J

    XF 1.2 Post icons fault

    Upgraded to 1.2. along with Black responsive. Here's what my post icons look like in Default style ( colour images have gone): and here's what I get in Black responsive (gone completely): They still work, but are just invisible. At first I thought this was a Black responsive issue...
  3. J

    XF 1.1 Should Avatars do this?

    On all the other places, the Avatars display fine - but on the forum page, they display like this: Sort of one and a half...... I reverted to the default style, but it made no difference:confused:
  4. J

    Stored Conversations Limit

    I guess I could just be looking in the wrong place, but where is this permission?