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  1. Janmaat

    Browser issue 1.4 Online indicator disappears on mobile device after zooming

    If you zoom in the screen on a mobile device the green triangle online indicator disappears. Happened for me on an iPhone 5 with iOS 7.1.2 using Safari. @Edit Adding some screenshots Not zoomed in: Zoomed in:
  2. Janmaat

    XF 1.3 Highlight closed conversations

    Is there a way/possibility to highlight conversations that have been closed? Maybe with a little lock icon or something?
  3. Janmaat

    XF 1.2 Avatar for User Profile?

    Is it possible for users to have a different avatar to set up on their profile page? So that you can use two avatars, one to show up for forum posts and the other one to show up only on the profile page...
  4. Janmaat

    XF 1.2 Hide media sites from guests?

    Is it possible to hide media sites (like amazon and/or youtube links) from guests so that only registered users can see them?
  5. Janmaat

    XF 1.2 How to disable [IMG]

    How can I prevent users from showing images in posts by using the
  6. Janmaat

    XF 1.2 Internal links not working after import

    Now I imported my old vB to XF and i'm quite happy now :) BUT.... In many many posts I have internal links directing to other posts in my forum. But as these links are text inside of posts they are still showing the old vB URL structure. When clicking these links it always directs me to old vB...
  7. Janmaat

    RM 1.0 Change author of a resource

    How do I change the author of a resource? When migrating my vB into XF I would transfer some threads into the resource manger. As result I would be shown as author of this resource. So I'd like to change the name of the resource author from me to the person who originally has started the...
  8. Janmaat

    XF 1.2 No import of poll results from vB4

    When I do the import from vB4 with the built-in importer, than xf imports the polls but not the poll results. See the following image:
  9. Janmaat

    XF 1.2 How to import bunch of vB smilies?

    I have some hundreds of smilies in my current vB. How do I import them into XF? Can I do it with the vB Importer? I dont't need to import the smilies only but also their settings should be imported correctly, so the replacement text per each smiley, e.g. : oops: or : cool: etc etc.
  10. Janmaat

    Pagination sliding on mobile devices

    I just have realized by chance that you can slide/wipe through the pagination on mobile devices. And I like it very much. It's a quite cool feature :)
  11. Janmaat

    Add-on Who can create a customs bbcode?

    I want to migrate vb4 into xf but without a similar bbcode I'm currently using I will be completely lost. The bbcode I'm using is for amazon and creates a small product image and a product link that includes my partner id. This bbcode: ISBN-10 or ASIN creates this Html-code: <br> <table...
  12. Janmaat

    XF 1.1 Can't upload avatar

    For testing purposes I've migrated a vB4 into xenForo 1.1.5. I've tried to upload an avatar but it doesn't work. The progress bar is running and running but the image won't be uploaded. I got no error message nothing. I already checked the folder rights. All are 755. I tried changing to 777...
  13. Janmaat

    Duplicate Better boundary between posting text and signature

    Not a thing of version 1.2 at all but of xf in generally I find it sometimes quite hard to differ where a posting ends and where the signature begins. Maybe my eyes or glasses get worse but I would like to have a better boundary between posting text and signature. For example:
  14. Janmaat

    Lack of interest Swipe through attached images in lightbox

    Would be awsome if you could wipe through the attached images with the finger on the screen in a lightbox instead of clicking through each image when you are using a smartphone or tablet. I'm unsure if the right term in english is to swipe or to wipe. In german it's 'wischen'...
  15. Janmaat

    Official German Language Pack?

    Are there plans for an official german language pack? Because this will be the most important reason for me to jump over fm vB to XF.
  16. Janmaat

    Own BB-Code

    Is it possible to create own BB-Codes (like for amazon-affiliate-program) as it was in vB?
  17. Janmaat

    Is there a german version...

    available too?