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  1. alkahf

    RM 1.0 Need disable paid

    Hello Tell me please how can disable paid Resources in my Resource Manager? then Only free Resources will be enables! thanx
  2. alkahf

    Not a bug RSS with google chrome

    Hello xF 1.1.x 1.2.x RSS with google chrome display very bad ! Regards
  3. alkahf

    XF 1.1 How delete all conversations?

    Hello Need: 1- delete all conversations. 2- disable conversations and profile Posts How can i? version 1.1.5 Thank you alkahf
  4. alkahf

    XF 1.1 move group members To other group

    Hello How move all members in usergroup No. 14 to usergroup No. 2? Thank you
  5. alkahf

    Admin cpanel style

    Hello! I can't find where change font-family for admin c panel ? Thank you
  6. alkahf

    How disable likes for user groups?

    Hello I'm Admin I don't wont that user gives me likes every time! I don't like that. So, How can i disable like for admin group? Thank
  7. alkahf

    How i fixed (You have insufficient privileges to post here)

    Hello When Forum is close I Couldn't great new thread or download attachments from some forums as adminstrater in my forum. 3 days i tried and read all support in xen site here but no way!!! first i going to: AdminCp > Users > adminstrators > My name > User Info There i found that i am" my...
  8. alkahf

    2400 Users Awaiting Approval

    how can i Approve them ?
  9. alkahf

    Duplicate CPanel's Upgrade

    Hello boss In CPanel i can upgrade it from admin control panel without any changes with files or Db. Just i click upgrade then it is starting alone. So why xenForo doesn't make upgrade like that? Of course i don't think it will be possible with 1st version, but in 2end version if it been then it...