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  1. cedivad

    As designed IMG tag in email sent on new thread for subscribed nodes

    If the image proxy is enabled on ACP, the src of the image in the email should use the proxy as well.
  2. cedivad

    Clean way of editing XF's javascript?

    For example, i would like to trigger an event when the quickreply box is first enabled (it's opaque by default when you load the thread). Just jquery on select? I really hate the idea of editing XF's source javascript. (do we even have an unpacked version of it, btw?).
  3. cedivad

    As designed Max username lenght option is not applied in ACP edit user function

    Try to go to the options and set 100 as max username length, then try to edit a user in the admin panel, it will complain that the max usernane lenght is 50.
  4. cedivad

    I find the lack of upgrades due to the current litigation to be really frustating!

    What do you think about that?
  5. cedivad

    Run XF app from CLI interface

    I've developed in Kohana for a long time now. I'm used to do something like this, i use it to automatize many background processing i would now migrate to XF. php index.php --uri=controller/method/var1/var2 Any similar alternative with XF?
  6. cedivad

    XF 1.0 How can a moderator ban an user?

    I've yet to get it. Thanks.
  7. cedivad

    How to run a xenforo class from PHP CLI

    I've created a file that using something like this: <?php $startTime = microtime(true); $fileDir = dirname(__FILE__); require('/w/web/library/XenForo/Autoloader.php'); XenForo_Autoloader::getInstance()->setupAutoloader('/w/web/library'); XenForo_Application::initialize('/w/web/library'...
  8. cedivad

    Looking for a skilled (but a really skilled one) xenforo designer

    The website as of now: The website is part of a micro network. The next design for a website in the same network (, is this: This design is already coded. I'm looking for someone really skilled that will integrate that design (i mean, the part of that design can be...
  9. cedivad

    Will there be another Beta release before christmas?

    I would know when do i have to upgrade, since that it's not an easy task for me (lots of file edits) Thank you!
  10. cedivad

    AlertHandler: Where can i edit the text?

    I really don't get it. Where can i create my custom "template" for the alert info? Here you can see that the last 3, made from me, are empthy. I've create my alertHandler file, but in it i don't get what i have to edit Here it's the file: <?php /** * Handler class for user profile post...
  11. cedivad

    In your opinion, how many online users can i have with this server?

    Actually, this is the most powerfull server i have: Specs: Xeon Quad Core @ 2.66Ghz 12Gb of RAM SSD hard disk (Intel X25-M) Nginx webserver I have a brand new forum (so the database is almost empty), and to start it i will pay to get adversided on a...
  12. cedivad

    The requested page could not be found, after $dw->save();

    I'm using the datawriter to save some stuff. Once that i call "$dw->save();", i get that error. What can it be? I think that the "_xfToken" field can be the cause of this, however even if i suppose it to be working great i don't know how to check it.
  13. cedivad

    [TEMPLATE] Find in PAGE_MAIN what controller are we calling

    Any variable? I would know in PAGE_MAIN when i'm displaying or not a forum. Is it possible?
  14. cedivad

    Set all users to automatically subscribe to topics they write in

    I'm too tired to search among the code what database field has to be changed, can someone help me?
  15. cedivad

    Looking for a "skilled" coder (PAID)

    I don't know where else to post. I'm quite sure this is the best place where to post it. I'm looking for some skilled coder to build an article system integrated in xf, but autonomous. Here is list of features i want in this article system (just to name what i'm thinking about it right now...
  16. cedivad

    Statistic System

    On the admin side, some great statistics with some great graphs. Nothing of too long to do =) (number of members who logged in in a day, numbers of new posts in a day etc) ;) OR Integrating this system:
  17. cedivad

    Cannot reproduce  50x error when using the in-line mod tool...

    ... to change the name of a topic putting inside characters like "è" or "à" etc.
  18. cedivad

    Is there someone taking care to do a premium mobile skin?

    As the title say, i would know if someone is developing a premium (at payment but of quality) mobile skin optimized for android & ios =)
  19. cedivad


    It looks like that i can't use that in ./library/XenForo/FrontController.php Is this a bug or it is loaded after? Can i load it manually to use it in that class? Thank you.
  20. cedivad

    If page not found, load something.

    Where can i find the controller that worries about loading /thread/ to thread.php (that's an example)? I would edit it so that if no match is found the script does what i want =)