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  1. Gladius

    Can't fix Manually entering date not possible on Email Users

    At admin.php?users/email and probably the other similar ones, it's impossible to manually enter or edit a date at: Registered between: Last visited between: This is a problem because the only way to go back via the integrated calendar is one month at a time... 12 clicks for 1 year, 60 clicks...
  2. Gladius

    XF 1.5 Forum index members count

    So... I've been sending out mailings over the past few days with the automated bounced email handler on. Which is working very well, thanks @Mike . However, I've noticed that apparently every user whose state gets changed to Email invalid (bounced), gets "deleted" from the forum index stats...
  3. Gladius

    Duplicate Automatically adjust image file size in combination with width/height

    As per previous thread: It's got a few more likes now and I still feel that this really should be added.
  4. Gladius

    XF 1.5 Notifications of replies from threads which become inaccessible

    User replies to thread, starts receiving notifications of new replies. Then said thread gets moved to a forum that the user doesn't have access to any more. And yet he's still getting notifications of new replies, with seemingly no way to turn it off since he can't access the thread in question...
  5. Gladius

    Automated Bounce Email Handling

    @Mike I've seen that cPanel now has plus addressing ( ), but does this work for XF's needs in this case? I've tested it with our bounce mail account and for e.g. +anything it creates a new "anything" folder and puts the...
  6. Gladius

    A couple of usability/presentation issues

    1) When there are several subcategories in any given category that serves only as a categorization aid, the fact that there is content in these subcategories (or that they exist) is effectively hidden. Example: category: Animal Pictures sub: Bird Pictures sub: Cat Pictures The category is...
  7. Gladius

    RM 1.2 Download count from unregistered users?

    I'm wondering how the download count works for unregistered/logged out users, same as for registered? Because some of our resources have oddly low download counts where I'd expect to see a lot more.
  8. Gladius

    XF 1.5 Send contact form mails as plain text?

    Ridiculously, I can't find where to toggle the contact form plain text/html... and neither ACP search, googling or searching here helps. Is it hiding in plain sight?
  9. Gladius

    Not planned XF2 - Move Help, Contact & TOS Elements into Main Nav

    Please move (or duplicate) the small Contact Us, TOS and Help links from the bottom right on top into the nav bar because literally nobody is looking for them down there or even notices them where they are. This (especially Help and Contact) is something that needs to be right on top by default...
  10. Gladius

    Fixed Missing end full stop in alerts

    A small nitpick, but it's inconsistent with the other alerts so it bugs me. E.g. User7 commented on your media image23 should be User7 commented on your media image23. The same goes for "commented on your media", "liked your media" etc. All the other XF alerts are proper sentences with an...
  11. Gladius

    Lack of interest Automatically adjust image file size in combination with width/height

    Right now, the only option to make image uploads as user-friendly as possible is to set high image width/height dimensions and unlimited file size (MB). However, this does not allow us to control the image size in any way. Doing it the other way around, setting a fixed file size (MB) and...
  12. Gladius

    Duplicate Allow unregistered users to vote in polls OPTION

    Coming from vB where we also included forum polls on our site pages for more exposure and allowed everyone to vote, we've had hundreds of votes in every poll. After moving to XF, where only registered users can vote in polls, our polls fell into complete disuse as so few people are voting on...
  13. Gladius

    RM 1.2 Editing the number of downloads

    Are there any mods that allow for editing the number of resource downloads? We're manually porting some downloads from another download manager and would like to keep the download count records...
  14. Gladius

    Lack of interest Single file upgrading

    I'm not really sure if this is feasible or not but I'm throwing it in here anyway. The XF upgrade package alone is around 3000 files, which takes a ridiculous amount of time to upload even on a very fast connection simply due to the huge number of individual files. Sure, those of us with the...
  15. Gladius

    Fixed Facebook registration overrides disallowed avatar upload permissions

    As per title, anyone associating their FB account gets to set an avatar in XF even when everywhere users' own setting of avatars is disabled. There is no option to turn this off to remedy it, so this is a pretty huge oversight for those forums that don't allow users to set their own avatars. I...
  16. Gladius

    Lack of interest Resource Count in Message User Info

    This should be in for the sake of consistency, since we've got counts of all other things already (e.g. media), but resources are oddly missing. As per this mod:
  17. Gladius

    Lack of interest Consolidate spam reports in a single thread

    This is a rather obvious one... currently every spam report for the same post goes into a new thread (if you have that option selected). Which then means that you have to clean "spam" in the staff forum as well when you have a bunch of people making reports, resulting in a bunch of report...
  18. Gladius

    XF 1.5 Sorting out outdated templates...

    Are there any guides for sorting out outdated templates post-upgrading? I couldn't find anything in help and the inbuilt XF functions are completely unintuitive and without any help or legends. As it is, I have no clue what I'm looking at via "View Template Modifications" (whose? mine? the...
  19. Gladius

    XF 1.4 Random dark style styling questions

    Where can I change the @ user tagging popup colours; specifically, I want to change the hover background colour over the first/currently selected username? I'd also like to change the hover background colour over a poll choice (before voting) and the hover background colour when selecting a...
  20. Gladius

    Lack of interest Problem with the Personal Conversation(s) and Conversation(s) Inconsistency Fix

    Original thread: Fixed - Personal Conversation(s) and Conversation(s) Inconsistency My post-fix comment: There's just one problem with this that I've discovered since I had to redo our docs in the move from vB to XF... you can't abbreviate Conversations to anything. With Private Messages or...