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  1. trigatch4

    XF 2.1 Only allow photo posts

    I'm wondering if there are any existing add-ons that would REQUIRE users to upload a photo for every thread they start? The new thread layout would revolve around the act of taking/posting a photo with everything else (title, tags, etc..) being secondary in nature. So... I suppose more...
  2. trigatch4

    Add-on Advanced E-Mail Newsletter Add-On

    We're currently revisiting the E-Mails we send to members with a few goals: Send them through a 3rd party (completed with Mandrill) Make them look WAY better (with templates, MailChimp, etc) Make them more dynamic (with variables based on user's XF preferences) Different newsletters they can...
  3. trigatch4

    XF 1.5 Registered Feeds Obey Forum Moderation Rules

    I have entered several RSS feeds to be piped into a specific forum and set all posts in that particular forum to be moderated so that I can monitor the RSS feed content before approving it for public view. However, it seems that the Registered Feeds feature bypasses moderation rules. Is it...
  4. trigatch4

    XF 1.4 Merging Threads: replaced redirects from the search index

    The most recent XF update has this in the changelog: When merging threads, remove the threads that are replaced with redirects from the search index. Can you explain that change and the underlying issue it fixes? Also curious if this applies to moved threads.
  5. trigatch4

    XF 1.4 Redirects from Moved Threads - Why must the URL change?

    When you currently move a Xenforo thread it takes the original URL: And gives it a new thread ID in the appropriate forum: And redirects from the former to the latter based on your selection. Is there an...
  6. trigatch4

    Add-on What happened to Additional Tools for [Tihnte] XenTag?

    We're trying to further develop the already useful XenTag add-on and on our development forum we've got an ""Additional Tools for [Tihnte] XenTag" by @Dinh Thanh that is now nowhere to be found on Xenforo or it seems the rest of the web. Anyone know what happened to this or why it was removed?
  7. trigatch4

    XF 1.4 Xenforo Debug Stats: Timing, Memory, DB Queries

    Going from vBulletin to Xenforo we've already noticed a considerable improvement on page speed and server load, but we're trying to optimize even further. The XF Debug info shows 3 primary stats to illustrate efficiency: Timing Memory DB Queries My question is about memory but I wanted to open...
  8. trigatch4

    Customizing Profile Popup?

    Right now the profile popup is pretty plain and basic. We want to build this out into a more feature rich and visually attractive popup with a lot more content (that's better organized and still responsive). Do any current add-ons accomplish this? Any add-on developers who would take this on as...
  9. trigatch4

    XF 1.2 Homepage Sidebar different size than other pages?

    I want a 300px right sidebar on pretty much all my pages. I was able to adjust that fine - although still need to get it into the thread listing - but my question is about customizing the width and content on different pages. I want to make my sidebar 400px or 450px on the homepage to show...
  10. trigatch4

    Full Friendly URLs .HTACCESS Hack?

    The nested /forum/forums/ bug is really annoying as explained here: Is there any .htaccess code that could be implemented as a temporary workaround?
  11. trigatch4

    [Suggestion] Xenforo vs World: How To Attract New Customers [LIKE ME]

    I run a pretty huge vBulletin forum. Like many others in my (ironically unfortunate) position, I am eagerly rooting for the success of Xenforo. But will I even have the opportunity to TRY it? Switching a huge forum to an unproven platform is too large a risk. Starting a new website/community on...