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  1. euantor

    Passing parameters to links

    I'm trying to create an extension for the ACP that requires a URL such as the following: item/edit I have the following in my ItemController: public function actionEdit() { if (!$this->hasAdminPermission('xd_items_mod_edit')) { return $this->responseNoPermission(); }...
  2. euantor

    Several amazon aws visitors online after enabling newrelic

    I enabled NewRelic on my server yesterday at the PHP level and ever since, there have been 3-4 users with Amazon was IP addresses online at all times. Here's an example host: Anybody experienced this at all? Anybody else even using new relic?
  3. euantor

    Minifier [Deleted]

    euantor submitted a new resource: Minifier - Minify your forum's HTML output Read more about this resource...
  4. euantor

    Noted [Deleted]

    euantor submitted a new resource: Noted - Allow your users to store personal notes from their account control panel. Read more about this resource...
  5. euantor

    CacheSpy [Deleted]

    euantor submitted a new resource: CacheSpy - Take control of your data cache Read more about this resource...
  6. euantor

    Querier [Deleted]

    euantor submitted a new resource: Querier - Run SQL queries from the comfort of your admin panel. Read more about this resource...
  7. euantor

    Template tag for outputting a table within the ACP?

    I'm messing about with add-on development for XF and have the need to create a table of information within the admin area. I therefore wondered if there is a <xen:x> template tag to generate a table similar to the <xen:form> tag? Whilst we're on the subject, is there any kind of reference to...
  8. euantor

    Open LiteSpeed

    Not sure if anybody's heard about this, but LiteSpeed have released a lightweight open source web server called Open LiteSpeed. Here are some of the listed features: I haven't yet found any proper benchmarks compared to nginx, but I might try it out over this week. I wondered if anybody...
  9. euantor

    XF 1.1 Please enter a message with no more than 10000 characters.

    The nature of my site means there are sometimes very long threads being posted (such as one I'm trying to post right now - which is a transcript of a press conference). However, there's a character limit on messages. Is it possible to increase this at all?
  10. euantor

    XF 1.1 RSS URLs not working

    I've recently installed XF for the first time ever on a new VPS running nginx. Everything seems to work just fine, apart from RSS. None of the RSS feed URLs work at all - I just get a nginx 404 error page. I'm pretty sure this is an issue with my vhost config, so if somebody could take a quick...
  11. euantor

    F1 Fan Forums

    F1 Fan Forums is a brand new site aimed at all fans of Formula 1. I'm slightly late releasing it (was aiming for the start of the 2013 season, but just missed it). This is my first ever XenForo powered forum and I've spent the last few hours customizing the default theme to create something...
  12. euantor

    XF 1.1 Forcing SSL for admin area?

    Is it possible to force HTTPS for connections to the ACP? I'm just setting up my first XF install on my VPS and have installed a new SSL certificate for my domain to use for the ACP. I could always manually add https:// but I'll likely forget. Having the ACP link always default to HTTPS would...
  13. euantor

    Style Making my first theme, done something to the tabs...

    I'm working on making my first theme, but it seems I've done something weird to the nav tabs. Here's what they look like when I hover over them. Note that only the tabs after the selected one have this issue. The red's only there to make the problem easier to see by the way. I haven't...
  14. euantor

    How long does a license transfer usually take?

    I bought a second hand license on Sunday at Digital Point and the seller instantly emailed with my name, email address and physical address as is required for a transfer. I know he sent it because he BCCed me in. He also sent a follow up email yesterday. neither of these have...
  15. euantor

    Using memcache via a socket file?

    I've today bought a second hand license and am just waiting for it to be transferred. I decided to just ask my questions now rather than waiting though as this site seems most active during the night and when I'm at work. Anyway, what I want to know is whether XenForo allows the use of...