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  1. vlom31

    XF 2.0 Test upgrade 1.5.9 to 2.0.10 erased all my data ..what's the right way ?

    Hello, I have tried upgrading a test xenforo from 1.5.9 to 2.0.10 and it has erased all the data (it asked me but there was no other option) .. What's the correct way of actually upgrading ? I have followed the official manuel to the letter yet didn't get the expected result .. something...
  2. vlom31

    XF 1.5 How to use user_id in Notices ?

    Hello, This has been driving me crazy, I can't figure out how to use user_id in the notices, where is the {name} and {title} defined ? If anyone knows how and can help or point me in the right direction it would be highly appreciated. Mehdi
  3. vlom31

    Please Help! SQL + Caching optimization

    Hi all, I am implementing a live feed on my xenforo homepage, meaning that it shows a list of recent posts, updated in real time, resulting in some heavy sql query(ies) every 1 second.. I am just testing it myself right now, so 1 user, and it's already putting the CPU under pressure, the way...
  4. vlom31

    SQL query to get both daily and weekly stats

    Hi all, I am currently using this sql query to get daily posts stats to my Cyfe dashboard : SELECT DATE(FROM_UNIXTIME(post_date)) AS Jour, COUNT(*) AS Posts FROM xf_post GROUP BY DATE(FROM_UNIXTIME(post_date)) ORDER BY Jour Now on top of the daily area chart, i'd like to add...
  5. vlom31

    XF 1.5 Constant unlogging (very annoying)

    Hi, I'm having a problem with my xenforo, in that people are unlogged regularly, and especially on mobile it is almost impossible to visit 3 pages without being unlogged ... anyone experienced this ? any ideas what might be causing it ? Cheers, Mehdi
  6. vlom31

    What are the technical requirements to develop on xenforo ?

    Hi, I'm having trouble finding a good developer because I can only consider the ones that have "Xenforo" in their profiles on upwork. Can someone please tell me what is the actual stack ? php , zend framework , .. ? what else ? Mehdi
  7. vlom31

    XF 1.5 How to display search results as threads not posts ?

    Hi, Right now when I make a search it gives me a list of posts, so it's often multiple lines referring to differents posts within a same thread... How do I change that behaviour to displaying a list of threads instead ? Mehdi
  8. vlom31

    Making unread threads disappear from New posts results

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to change the behaviour of how unread threads are treated in the new posts page.. Basically, say I click New posts, see the results, open the ones I want to read then go on with my life.. If I come back 1 week later, and click New posts, the threads I left unread will...
  9. vlom31

    XF 1.5 FB Pixel - A page after login

    Hi everyone, I'm having an issue with FB pixel on my xenforo, basically I don't see how I could differentiate guests from members... as I want to run campaigns that target only guests that visit but don't register or login. How do you do that ? Is there a way to put a page just after user logs...
  10. vlom31

    XF 1.5 [HELP] Simple acp template modification broke everything

    Hello, I was trying to add a favicon to my acp, and followed the instructions, debug on, then Developement > Admin templates > PAGE_CONTAINER > added <href> line before </head> Just under the texarea where template is edited there was "Add-on :" with a dropdown next to it, with "Xenforo"...
  11. vlom31

    Events / Triggers list for Xenforo ?

    Hi there, Is there any sort of comprehensive list of all the events happening in xenforo ? I want to implement MixPanel to track all the events, like user signin up, creating thread, posting a message, liking a post etc ... do I have to go looking for these events in the hard code or is there...