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  1. SchmitzIT

    XF 1.5 Import phpBB albums -> XF1.5

    Ohai. I'm probably back and here to stay this time after a few years of dropping off the radar (my personal life got flipped upside down, but I'm happy to report that balance has once again returned to the universe). I'm probably just overcomplicating things, but I've been working on...
  2. SchmitzIT

    As designed Error when uploading attachment in RM: "The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension"

    Ohai! So when attempting to attach a pdf file to a resource, I get an "The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension" error. However, pdf is definitely in my allowed resource file extensions list: It's also allowed in regular attachments: Yet, here it is: It's definitely not the...
  3. SchmitzIT

    Lack of interest User search: Primary usergroup is NOT

    In the user search, there's currently an option to search on users based on primary usergroup membership. Considering how the recommended XenForo setup dictates that the "Registered" usergroup can be used for all base permissions, it'd be extremely helpful to also be able to do a search based...
  4. SchmitzIT

    XF 1.3 Expired user upgrades - Users not removed from group

    Hi, We seem to be having an issue at one of my customers. I ran the "Downgrade Expired User Upgrade" cron job manually, but that did not seem to remove the users from the group they get added to when they purchase the user upgrade. The forum recently was converted from vB 3.6, not sure if that...
  5. SchmitzIT

    Extending a class, but only need to change one line of code

    Hi, I'm attempting to write an add-on that changes a single line in one of the standard XenForo files (ControllerPublic/Forum.php). The functionality I intend to change can be altered by changing a single line. I figured the easiest would be for me to build an add-on that extends...
  6. SchmitzIT

    Anyone fluent in Latin by any chance?

    Could someone who is fluent in Latin help me translate something, please? I'd like to have the proper translation for "Played it till my fingers bled" in Latin, Gratias!
  7. SchmitzIT

    XF 1.3 member_list sidebar

    I notice that on the member_list page, the sidebar modules defined in the template end up placed below the contents of what we added to the ad_sidebar_below_visitor_panel template. Is there any way we can switch the order of this? I do not see a template hook in the member_list template, so...
  8. SchmitzIT

    XF 1.2 Adding links to dynamic banners above the forum

    Hello, I'm using a small hack to display a banner above a forum, when the user is in that particular forum. To accomplish this, I created a template modification doing the following. Template: forum_view Find: <xen:if is="{$forum.description} AND @threadListDescriptions">...
  9. SchmitzIT

    Implemented Suggestion: Yahoo! integration

    Please! Consider! Adding! Yahoo! Integration! As! Well!
  10. SchmitzIT

    Won't fix Minor bug: Possible to enter negative number in birthday field

    It's for some reason possible to enter a negative number in the "Day" field for the birthday:
  11. SchmitzIT

    Alternative to XenForo_Exception?

    I'm trying to show a user a confirmation message after they finish a specific action. Ideally, it'd be somewhat similar to showing the user an error messages as in that it will show a pop-up message in which they can click a button to close the message (I also considered the same confirmation...
  12. SchmitzIT

    XF 1.2 Loading of additional css files, and how to use Template Modifications on it?

    In PAGE_CONTAINER, css files are loaded. I'm using Luke Foreman's Kotomi add-on to then embed a third-party program within XenForo. However, the css file is loaded by directly calling .css, which using Kotomi means that it's looking for the css page within the current folder. I addressed that...
  13. SchmitzIT

    Embedding third party software (aMember) in XenForo

    Hi, We bought a copy of aMember to run a virtual shop for a customer. That decision was based partially on the features they offer, but also influenced by the fact that they also use the Zend Framework. The issue I face is that the aMember front-page is a completely separate page that looks...
  14. SchmitzIT

    XF 1.2 Skip import step while in progress

    I'm trying to do a test import for a customer, but while loading the attachments, the server ran out of space. We'd like to continue the import, but skip the attachment step. Unfortunately, the step never finished, so when attempting to continue the import, it'll just continue with the...
  15. SchmitzIT

    XF 1.2 Login -> Is it possible to remove login with email address?

    My customer would like to disable the ability to log in using email addresses, and instead just stick to logging in with usernames. Is this somehow possible? Thanks!
  16. SchmitzIT

    $extratabs -> Is there a way to force the order here?

    Most add-ons that add their own navtab do so by extending the $extratabs variable. You can choose a position (begin, middle, end) there, but is there an option to determine in which order the tabs are going to be displayed? I saw @Jake Bunce 's "Nodes as Tabs" has such an option, but haven't...
  17. SchmitzIT

    RM 1.0 Are custom fields searchable? What about having a Resource in multiple categories?

    The new custom fields are great. I just would like to know whether or not the new custom fields will be searchable? I.e. If I have an extra custom field added to the RM, will users be able to restrict the results of a search to only those resources that match the custom field values supplied...
  18. SchmitzIT

    XF 1.2 Signup button - How to change behaviour?

    On the default sidebar, there's a button encouraging people to sign up. The control is called "SignupButton". When clicking it, the hidden overlay at the top the page will be revealed, allowing someone to either login or signup. I've tried pointing the button directly to the /register page, and...
  19. SchmitzIT

    Not a bug "This action is available via POST only. Please press the back button and try again."

    We're trying to create a shortcut for logging in. By shortcut, I mean that normally when you click the "Login or signup" link, you will be taken to a small form asking you to either login or signup. Once you click to sign up from there (even without filling in a username), it will take you to...
  20. SchmitzIT

    Duplicate [1.2] Error when @ was used in an old post without username

    I'm working on a conversion follow-up, and while trying to remove some left-over HTML tags, I came across an error related to a user using the "@" sign in a post. It was basically a replacement of the word "at", but the new tagging functionality caused the forum to throw an error because no...