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  1. dono

    XF 1.4 My own thread

    Hi, Our forum exists since 2007 using another forum software, now we are using xf 1.4.7 and latest xes to support the search. My question is, if I have 2000 posts and 500 threads since 2007, how to check which are my threads (list all my threads). If using Content: Find all content by dono...
  2. dono

    Not a bug Ads interuptions on post ad_message_below and ad_message_body

    Reproduce problem: When your forum post limit 20 per-page. You willing to post in the same page for 21st post, you have ad_message_below with adsense, it will interrupt into white page or adsense ads only when you posted it. If you refresh it, it will be fine. This is a bug or just problem with...
  3. dono

    Importing vB Thanks to xF Likes

    I have this table If I have table that I import into xf database as thanks table, that mean.. insert into xf_liked_content (like_id, content_type, content_id, like_user_id, like_date, content_user_id) select null, 'post', postid, userid, dateline, receiverid from thanks where content_id =...
  4. dono

    XF 1.4 Thread ID Linking

    In vBulletin, they can use Fairy Tail New Series to call thread link for that. What is the bbcode for calling thread link in Xenforo ? Thanks
  5. dono

    Approve all moderated profile posts (queries)

    dono submitted a new resource: Approve all moderated profile posts (queries) - Here are the queries to soft delete all moderated profile posts Read more about this resource...
  6. dono

    Fixed Long messages error on warning reason

    Long messages error on warning reason
  7. dono

    XenForo Resource Manager with existing url

    Hi, I have a lot of things that I want to share with the XenForo Resource Manager. Right know I put in sub.domain.tld/downloads/ (different server with forum) How do I mass import with XenForo Resource Manager (external link) ?
  8. dono

    XF 1.4 Locked thread at last

    How to make in a sub forum if the locked thread place at the end of the thread list or last page..
  9. dono

    XF 1.4 Location

    Maybe in some country, address not important, like our country, we have 17000 island, most important for us from which Island or maybe just from which province. In another software forum, I can replace location in profile with custom field and have options (address must be valid or choose the...
  10. dono

    XF 1.3 How to add a sub moderator ...

    How to add a sub moderator for 20 + sub forums with the same permissions at once ? I don't mean super moderators, but sub moderators with 20 sub forum below it (eg: games forum, we have more than 100 sub forums). Right now what I know is only do it one by one by adding each sub forum. thanks...