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  1. Spenser

    Not a bug Problem deleting users

    Hi! I just upgraded to xf2 without any problems. Now I wanted to delete a spam user who was shown as "latest member". Deletion ended with "Oops, the was something wrong loading this page". The user was deleted (I can't open his details page), but is still shown as "latest member".
  2. Spenser

    XF 1.4 IP Information URL for IPv6

    Hi! While testing I recognized, that the URL for IPv6 information can't be changed using admin controls. Is there a way to change it anyway? Will this be integrated in admin options sometime? Thanks for your help!
  3. Spenser

    XF 1.2 Installation error

    Hi! I tried to install xf 1.2.4 from scratch and I am alway seeing this error after the tables are generated: I tried different Browsers (Safari, Chrome, Opera Next) but this error always shows up. Please advice what to do.
  4. Spenser

    Fixed Error in Visitor.php

    Since the update to 1.2 I see an error like this every logged now and then: Any clue what causes this?
  5. Spenser

    XF 1.2 Size of avatar on forum home

    Hi! The avatar on my forum home is way too big: I wasn't able to find where to adjust the size. Please give a hint...
  6. Spenser

    XF 1.2 Resetting Templates to default

    After updating to 1.2 there were some templates that needed to be merged. Most worked, but some only say "Template: Syntax error in line xx" and so they can't be merged. Now I want to reset all templates to default. How can this be done?
  7. Spenser

    Blocking whole netblocks

    Hi! Is there a way to block netblocks that don't have /8, /16 or /24 masks? Example: there is a lot of SPAM vom PEG from the network I would like to block the whole netblock. Any way to do this? Thanks!
  8. Spenser

    XF 1.1 Facebook integration

    Hi! What exactly is necessary to make facebook integration work? It worked once, but users started to complain. The facebook test says that the server couldn't connect to facebook server. I think a php-module is missing, but I don't know which one.
  9. Spenser

    XF 1.1 No notification while reading conversation?

    One of my users noticed that there is no notification about new replies while you read a conversation. Is this by design? He noticed that there is no way (besides pressing F5) to see that there is a new reply to the conversation you are reading while you are reading. I guess he is right.
  10. Spenser

    XF 1.1 Block "Likes" in some forums?

    Is there a way to block the ability to "Like" posts in some forums? Just the way it is possible to make postings in there not count to the user's number of posts. Thanks for your help!
  11. Spenser

    XF 1.1 Enforce images as thumbnails?

    Ist there a way to enforce images in posts as thumbnails? Is there a way to limit the size of embedded external pictures? Thanks in advance!
  12. Spenser

    XF 1.1 Strange behaviour of editor

    Two of my moderators complain, that they see a strange behaviour of the editor when editing a post. It shows like this: They see some HTML Code inside the editor. I tried using their account but could not reproduce the problem. They haven't had this until update to 1.1.2. As I can use their...
  13. Spenser

    XF 1.1 Problem with notification emails after upgrade

    Hi! After upgrading to 1.1 notification emails are sent like this: It seems that the link names are not replaced with the proper text. This is not limited to warning mails, it happens also with "normal" conversation notifications. What can I do to fix this?
  14. Spenser

    Fixed IPv6 addresses not supported

    In the last months I see a growing number of users with IPv6 addresses. While testing I found that xf won't even save their ip address to the database, mostly because data type for ip addresses seems to be int(10) unsigned internally. While full support for IPv6 is not yet necessary now, at...
  15. Spenser

    "Users online" in Subforums

    I am looking for an add-on that shows how many users are online in the subforums (just as it was in vb). Is there something like that?
  16. Spenser

    XF 1.0 Users online in Forums

    Is there a way to show how many users are online in the forums? Not just the sum on the index page, but in every single subforum.
  17. Spenser

    Fixed Problem with deleted user and private conversation

    I had to delete a user (on request of the user), who had participated in a private conversation. Later a message from that in the private conversation had to be edited. In this case an error showed up: In short: user has private conversation -> user is deleted -> try to edit post in private...
  18. Spenser

    Short way to move a post from one thread to another

    Hi! Is there a short way to move a post from thread 1 to thread 2? The only way I found is to move the post from thread 1 to a new thread "3" and then merge 2 and 3. I haven't found a more direct way, yet.
  19. Spenser

    Sidebar depends on screen resolution

    Hi! I am looking for a way to exclude sidebars dependend on screen resolution. That means: I included ads in the sidebar and integrated that into most templates. If someone uses a netbook I would like to show the page to that user without a sidebar. Is there a way to do so?
  20. Spenser

    IP-based discouragement only for guests possible?

    Is it possible to activate discouragement for a certain ip range, but not for registered users that use these addresses? We have a user we want to discourage. This user always uses a certain address range. We also have users we don't want do discourage but use the same range.