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  1. Omri.L

    Fixed RTL alignment issues

    The profile pic in the "user card": And the moderator' tools menu: (it should be on the left side)
  2. Omri.L

    Best way to translate xenForo?

    I was about to start translating xenforo, and got a little surprised by the fact it had no interface helping you doing it. it's a very strenuous work! you need to search each phrase, and after you translate it, you need to do the whole thing over and over :confused: Have I missed anything? :D...
  3. Omri.L

    Duplicate  No IPS in profile page

    I guess it shouldn't be there:
  4. Omri.L

    Duplicate [Suggestion] Watch every thread you make

    Today, I can "watch" every thread I reply. That causes every thread with a lot of replies to pop-up into my notifications many times... I would like to have the option to watch every thread I post instead.
  5. Omri.L

    [suggestion] Reffering to users in your status

    For example: ... and kier would get a notification saying he's been mentioned in a status.
  6. Omri.L

    XF's home page, am I the only one getting there all the time?

    The blue page with the xenForo logo. When I accidentelly click "Home" , I'm getting it. Or when i'm goint straight to and it has no value for me as i'm already registered. Would be nice if registered users could redirect straight to forums.
  7. Omri.L

    RTL support + search IN thread option ?

    So far i've been really impressed by xenForo, and I can't wait until it's released. But one thing is very critical for me as my forums are in Hebrew. Will, unlike vBulletin, xenForo will completely support RTL mode? + Is it possible that there isn't "search in this thread" option? Keep up with...