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  1. masterchief

    Blackmagic Design purchases eyeon software .. releases Fusion v7.5 for FREE

    Press release located at this link: Current Fusion users with an active maintenance subscription will receive FREE upgrade to Fusion Studio; this will also include Generation, Dimension, and comes with unlimited render nodes. You will be able...
  2. masterchief

    xenForo incoming mail

    This addon would involve forwarding incoming mail via piping to server side script. php script processes message text interface with xenForo to process tasks concept of using piping to server side script essentially presents instantaneous process anybody interested???
  3. masterchief

    XF 1.3 custom template modofication

    I first started out customizing PAGE_CONTAINER template and everything worked as expected. Now I want to transfer that over to a custom modified template using system provided by XF core. I have attached captured image as it show that modification status is OK across all styles, but it is not...
  4. masterchief

    XF 1.3 avatar path for custom BBCode

    I would like to reference online user avatar in custom BBCode.. please advise <img src="PATH_TO_AVATAR" style="width:175px;"></img>
  5. masterchief

    PostID in URL ???

    How to get PostID in the URL such as how it appears here at
  6. masterchief

    XF 1.3 count visits in custom pages

    When you crate a page node, there is option to turn on 'log and count visits to this page'. Is there a template to include this feature when making custom pages? regards
  7. masterchief

    XF 1.2 Disqus install

    I am trying to install Disqus Commenting system. One of the steps is to append #disqus_thread to the href attribute in your links. This will tell Disqus which links to look up and return the comment count. For example: <a href="">Link</a>. Currently, I...
  8. masterchief

    iFrame Play with Pages

    masterchief submitted a new resource: iFrame Play with Pages - Using IFrames inside your pages Read more about this resource...
  9. masterchief

    XF 1.2 Posts to twitter and facebook

    When I perform facebook recommend or a similar action with twitter, wrong URL is posted as it does not exist. Status update posting from this page generates this URL: .. the URL does not exist please advise.
  10. masterchief

    XF 1.2 config.php settings

    I am looking for listing of all the possible config.php settings.
  11. masterchief


    I am trying to add DisQus commenting system. How to append #disqus_thread to message thread href attributes???? Step 2. Append #disqus_thread to the href attribute in your links. This will tell Disqus which links to look up and return the comment count. For example: <a...
  12. masterchief

    RM 1.0 Remove navtab

    I want to remove Resource Manager navtab from the navbar.
  13. masterchief

    Mobile Uploads - let the force be with YOU

    There are several apps available from Google Play.. I just happened stumble upon FTPCafe first.. Installation is straightforward, no suprises for any soldier already accustomed to setting up FTP client as usual information is required. But the joy of having FTPCafe installed as an application on...
  14. masterchief

    Not planned mobile uploads via smartphone

    I would like to be able to upload images directly to website from my smartphone via a quicklink. ~regards
  15. masterchief

    Lack of interest Watched threads options

    I would like to see additional option for watched threads implemented. Current options are: Yes Yes, with email No I would like to have Digest added as fourth option. Additionally, there is no ability to TURN OFF watched threads that I can identify. That also needs to be made available. regards
  16. masterchief

    XF message thread variable name

    I am trying to display message thread title instead of attachment filename when hovering over attachment image. what is the variable name for pulling message thread title????? regards
  17. masterchief

    custom rewrite rules

    I am trying to update my htaccess with custom rewrite rule. current URL: desired URL: please advise
  18. masterchief

    RM 1.0 Purchase paid resources via PayPal

    Can we review how to route the purchase process via paypal and the delivery of the resource to the customer. What is best way to do this??? please advise. regards
  19. masterchief

    move site to /community folder

    I want to move my XenForo site to /community folder... what simple steps to take? I have done this before, just want to revisit before I actually move data. regards
  20. masterchief

    Comic CMS

    I discovered opensource resource for display of webcomics and SWF files. It can be downloaded for free at I have a link to installation on my system: