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  1. H

    XF 2.1 REST API

    I am trying to use REST API and I am getting 404 on https://<site>/community/api/auth. This is a new install. Am I missing something in the install? I was able to generate API keys without issues.
  2. H

    XF 2.1 REST API

    I am trying to use REST API and I am getting 404 on https://<site>/community/api/auth. This is a new install. Am I missing something in the install? I was able to generate API keys without issues.
  3. Zehtuka

    XF 2.1 API 404?

    Hi, Probably overlooking something very basic but I get a 404 on or anything else on the api for that matter. Nearly fresh install of 2.1, any suggestions for things to try?
  4. szymme

    XF 2 Xenforo with KlickTipp API Connection

    Dear developers, Im looking for someone who can help me to connect the KLICKTIPP.DE API with the Xenforo Registration. That means, that the users who register on my xenforo site will be added too to the "KlickTipp E-Mail List" database. Here is the to do in german: Klick-Tipp |...
  5. W

    API POST attachments

    Hello! How to upload attachments API-method POST? Please show examples.
  6. Chipie678

    XF 2.1 Secondary Group API update

    ...$client = new Client([ 'base_uri' => env('XENFORO_URL'), 'headers' => [ 'XF-Api-Key' => env('XENFORO_EDIT_USER_APIKEY') ], 'content' => "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" ]); try {...
  7. Sam Pearson

    XF 2.1 API Auth problems

    Hello, I'm a rookie with API's and have successfully been able to get a list of threads using this code; $headers = array( 'Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded', 'XF-Api-Key: API_KEY', 'XF-Api-User: USER_ID' ); $url = 'https://BOARD_URL/api/threads'; $ch =...
  8. S

    Fixed API Doc Bug

    The description of GET threads/{id}/ incorrectly says that one of the responses is "messages': It should be "posts".
  9. Malcolm M

    XF 2.1 Possible exploit with API

    Hello everyone, My site was hacked apparently due to the API; a hacker was able to get my account information apparently from the API: The message was . I sent some javascript to XenForo API call, it checks the validity of your license key. when it fails, if you grab the data before it...
  10. Miacommunity

    MG 2.1 Media's APIs

    As you know, does the Media Gallery script have APIs for mobile app development?
  11. J

    XF 2.1 Correct way to add custom endpoints to the API.

    Hello, I'm trying to extend the API to provide some further integration with our own site, and I'm running into a few issues. I get this error when trying to access the route. { "errors": [ { "code": "endpoint_not_found", "message": "Requested endpoint...
  12. M

    XF 2.1 XFRM API endpoints documentation?

    Hello ;) I see that there is an REST API on /api/resources/. Is there somewhere any documentation about it? How can I access the versions and the downlod for a specific version? Thanks! mampf Edit: I guessed them now. /api/resources/4/versions ;)
  13. sdev

    XF 2.1 API post thread with curl

    Can't get the API to work. Does anyone know how one could post a thread with it? (btw, I've searched the whole API forum by hand. There is no information on how to post a thread, best thread is this one but I cant get Guzzle to work anyway...
  14. Miacommunity

    XF 2.1 Media and Resources APIs

    They have APIs for mobile?
  15. Miacommunity

    XF 2 API development

    The need coders that develop APIs for some add-ons in order to then create a push notifications system. More detail in pvt.
  16. E

    XF 2.1 REST API use

    I use the REST API. But i want to get user auth on the xenforo app. On another web page. The cookie are share between the subdomain Currently I have this $client->request('GET', '', [ 'headers' => [ 'XF-Api-Key' => '....'...
  17. djgxp

    Fixed Api get threads with filter last_days

    By default, last_days is defined in Xenforo and if you are not adding any filter parameter to /api/threads/ you are getting something like last_post_date > 11111111 (where 11111111 here is the timestamp of the current date minus 1 month). if I set /api/threads/?last_days=0 in order to get all...
  18. Cryptite

    XF 2.1 Register users with API?

    Seems I was using an addon of sorts for this in 1.5, and don't immediately see anything in the API for registering users. Is this currently possible with the new rest API for XF2.1?
  19. Sim

    API filtering and sorting parameters

    Sometimes we want to retrieve a list of items via an API based on some criteria (other than the ID). Rather than paging through a potentially large number of results and filtering at the calling end - it can be far more efficient to filter them when calling and returning only the desired...
  20. GreenZone

    XF 2.1 Getting user emails via the API

    I want to extract the full list of usernames, full names and email addresses of all the users in my forum via the API. I'm running v2.1 I can extract the user list via the GET users endpoint, but the User object returned doesn't include the email address. The documentation on the User type...