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  1. James

    Not a bug Pages Sidebar Interrupting Page Content

    See above. The sidebar for the page interrupts the content of the message. I think this should be pushed below the content like the forum_list sidebar. I tested this using the example page node on XFcom. Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 5 using Google Chrome 45.0.2454.84
  2. James

    Extend Link Title Parsing to Profile Posts

    Profile posts and comments don't automatically parse links like posts do. I'm assuming it's intentional. Perhaps extending this to profile content would be beneficial for consistency? Example: James
  3. James

    Fixed Multi-Quote Remove

    If you multi-quote posts then remove all posts from the multi-quote (maybe you decide against posting), the dialog box disappears but the quotes remain saved. Also, the icons do not revert back to the plus. Steps to reproduce: View any thread Multi-quote one (or many) quotes Click "Insert...
  4. James

    Implemented Spoiler Fallback When No JS

    JS Spoiler: No JS Spoiler: I realise we're in an era now where JS is pretty much always enabled, but it would be nice to have a fallback for when JS is disabled (CSS-based reddit-style perhaps?). Not sure if this is a bug or suggestion but given the class of the spoiler has JsOnly, I...
  5. James

    Lack of interest Remove "Watch Thread" Overlay

    When watching a thread (not by replying, by clicking the link) you're given an overlay asking if you want to receive e-mail notifications. This is an intermediary step that is already set on a global basis in our preferences and slows* down the watch thread function. If users wish to add e-mail...
  6. James

    Lack of interest Use XenForo Tooltip Instead of Browser

    I'm not sure if this was overlooked or intentional, but perhaps this should use a XenForo tooltip for consistency?
  7. James

    Merge Watched Forums and Threads into Tabbed Page

    I think the title is clear. In the Navigation, we have two sublinks, watched forums and watched threads. Merging them into a link such as "Watched Content" allows more navigation space and then on the watched page you can create a tabbed page (like search and profiles) where we can switch...
  8. James

    Lack of interest Watched Thread Icon to Toggle Watch Status

    In the thread list (and whats new), the star is used to identify a thread that I'm watching. My suggestion is to hyperlink the star to the unwatch URL so that we can unwatch threads directly from the thread list without having to visit it and unwatch from the thread view.
  9. James

    Partial fix Multiple Alerts Despite Thread Not Read

    So, I logged off here and logged on around 5 minutes ago to 14 alerts, all of them for Adam's thread: I'm not sure if some code was changed on purpose or if it's just a random bug, but I thought I'd report it. Note: these are all different posts, it's not just repeated alerts for one post.
  10. James

    Lack of interest Unread Alerts Time Duration

    I just logged on to AdminExtra and I had 2 unread alerts. However, when I went to view them I had no alerts, presumably because I hadn't read them in a while. I'd recommend making unread alerts stay in the alerts pane until they're read.
  11. James

    Lack of interest XenForo Search and Templates

    When I search for a template in XenForo, it initially takes me to the master style of that template and I don't think anyone particularly wants to edit the master templates. I'd suggest changing this functionality to the default style until you specifically select a style. (Note: this is...
  12. James

    Won't fix Add-on Uninstall Inconsistency

    When uninstalling an add-on by clicking , I get an overlay pop-up. However, when uninstalling via Controls -> Uninstall, it navigates to admin.php?add-ons/<id>/delete.
  13. James

    Template Hook: Can't Work Out What I'm Doing Wrong

    I think I just need a fresh pair of eyes because I can't find the problem at all, but here goes: public static function templateHook($hookName, &$contents, array $hookParams, XenForo_Template_Abstract $template) { if ($hookName == 'message_user_info_text') { $search = '<h3 class="userText">'...
  14. James

    Function to Check if User is Moderator of Current Forum

    I'm looking for a function to check whether the user who has posted (not visitor) is a moderator of the current forum that the post is in. I've tried XenForo_Model_Moderator::getContentModerator(array( 'user_id' => $user['user_id'], 'content' => array('', $thread['node_id']) )...
  15. James

    Cannot reproduce Permission Definitions Filter Bug

    It says it's showing items... but it isn't. Chrome 15.0.
  16. James

    Fixed James likes this instead of You like this

    When making a post on a page in a thread that isn't the last page, and you've liked a post on the last page, it shows James likes this instead of You like this. To reproduce: Like a post on this page: Go to page 1 of...
  17. James

    Fixed Incorrect Logging in Moderator Log

    If I delete the first post of a thread and then view the moderator log, the log shows this: when in fact, I've effectively just deleted the whole thread. It should be logged as "Thread removed from public view (reason: SOFT DELETED).
  18. James

    Specifying Different Overlay Loading Speeds

    You may feel that the default overlay speed is a little too slow or too fast to load for your liking. If this is the case, you can actually specify an overlay loading speed in the overlay HTML. Take the Contact Us overlay for example, the HTML is: <a href=""...
  19. James

    XenForo Halloween Style?!

    Will there be a new style for Halloween on XenForo, similar to the minor Christmas edits? It'd be fun to see XenForo all dark and halloween-ish, as opposed to bright and blue! (y)
  20. James

    Not a bug XenForo_Option_AdminSearchExclusions::verifyOption - unused parameter

    public static function verifyOption(array &$choices, XenForo_DataWriter $dw, $fieldName) { if ($dw->isInsert()) { // insert - just trust the default value return true; } $exclusions = array(); foreach (XenForo_Model::create('XenForo_Model_AdminSearch')->getAllSearchTypes() AS...