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  1. danger@

    XF 2.0 Page-down scrolls too much

    It appears so that if one uses page-down to scroll the page down one or two text lines remain bypassed so we need to scroll up a little to be able to see all the stuff.
  2. danger@

    XF 2.0 bb_code.less stylesheet sometimes not being loaded

    Hello, we have a custom code bbcode tag in order to make it more prominent in the editor. It's a simple html replacement like this: <div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeCode"><div class="type">Code:</div><pre>{text}</pre></div> However it seems like when this tag is being used the bb_code.less...
  3. danger@

    Lack of interest Allow grouping/repositioning of the text editor bbcode buttons

    It is indeed very easy to add a button for a custom bbcode tag to the rich text editor, thanks for this feature. However it would be very welcome to be able to group similar buttons together or set each button's position.
  4. danger@

    Fixed XF2 upgrade from XF1 - zlib extension dependency

    I was just performing an update of XF1 to XF2 on a test instance, and have came across a little problem. Once I accessed the /install/ directory the page crashed with "cannot decode raw data" error (NSURLErrorDomain:-1015) in Safari and Chrome reported ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED. The problem...
  5. danger@

    XF 1.4 How to move the code button out of the insert menu in the editor

    Hello, we are running a technical forum and our users often paste parts of various code snippets. For this reason it is essential for us to make the code tag button more visible, because it is "hidden" under the insert menu by default. For us, it would be best to move the code tag button out of...
  6. danger@

    Lack of interest Rebuild Like cache

    Currently, there is now way to rebuild the Likes cache in tools/rebuild caches. Since there may be an occasional need to rebuild this cache, there should be a way to achieve it. See and...
  7. danger@

    XF 1.4 Importing vBulletin post thanks to XenForo likes

    Hello, we have gone through a conversion (not direct) from vB 3.7 to phpBB and lately we have moved to XenForo. The thing is that when we were on vB, we had installed an addon 'post thanks' which allowed users to give thanks to a post if they liked it. We didn't have a similar feature when we...